Sunday, March 07, 2010


The first question to ask Congressman Hill is: If this new health plan is so great, why aren't you and your family covered by THIS plan. If It is good enough for average Americans, it should be good enough for you and your family, the President, and all unions and government employees.

Remember the "mob" in 1776? It's pretty much the same people.

The American people will inherited this trillion dollar debt, not the president.

How can you or anyone else blame the Tea Party Movement just because these scum politicians are getting hit with the truth of what they have been doing to us?

We need to ensure that he or she that runs for office is accountable to those that elected them and not to those who bought them.

Right Mr. England?

When we can not feed our people, cannot educate our children, cannot provide health care, cannot provide housing, cannot protect our elderly, then what was the reason why we came to this land?

The reason people are rising up is because the democrats in Congress are out of Control and republicans are impotent to stop this avalanche.

We must make our Congressional Representatives understand that if they ram this bill through and it passes, the fight will not be over. It will be just beginning. They need to realize that if this bill passes, they will see us protesting at their townhalls and any public event they attend.

We will not stop!

Let the Healthcare March Madness Begin!!!

It's time for us ordinary people (not party hacks) stand up and March on April 15, 2010 in Washington DC and be heard.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Hill has finally woken the sleeping giant, their jobs are in jeopardy and they know it.