Thursday, April 17, 2008


Is it true that the Mayor and City Council are considering a new wheel tax on us? Do they plan to use Wheel Tax Funds to help bail New Albany out of our financial mess?

Wheel Tax:

The county council of any county may impose the motor vehicle excise surtax under IC 6-3.5-4 and the wheel tax under IC 6-3.5-5. Neither of these taxes may be in effect in a county unless the other tax is also in effect in the county.

The wheel tax applies to the following motor vehicles registered :

1. passenger vehicles

2. motorcycles and

3. trucks with a declared gross weight that does not exceed 11,000 pounds

The wheel tax may be imposed at annual rates not less than $5 per vehicle and not more than $40 per vehicle.

Freedom Of Speech agrees with Governor Daniels statement:

We need a fundamental review of the efficiency of local governmental costs.

Encourage, Review and Save.

Combine, Consolidate and Improve.

Local government should step forward and try to review and make the changes needed to help relieve the burden of taxpayers.

Combine departments and save!