Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Did you hear what he said?

Once again Obama supporters miss the point, which is why so many people are upset.

It is not that he called people bitter, but that he demeaned them by stereotyping people and saying they "cling" to guns, religion, antipathy to people who aren't like them, anti-immigration and anti-trade sentiment because they are bitter.

Barack Obama said all this at a PRIVATE millionaire fundraiser in upscale Pacific Heights CA, in a mansion. the Mansion is owned by multi-millionaire "Pakistan native and ardently Muslin Sohalb Abbasi [CEO of Informatica]"...

Barack Obama did not think anyone else would find out what he was saying since he was across the country and not in front of any cameras.

We see it as an arrogant liberal elitist politician who called small town USA a bunch of gun-toting, bible thumpers, xenophobes who are too racist and too dumb to vote for him, and he thinks they are beneath him AND the rich west coast liberals he was talking to.

Problem is, the USA is mainly small town USA!

Working-class whites don't cling to guns and religion because of a so-called bitterness. Religion and guns are part of many peoples cultural heritage.

Cultural issues like these and the left wing of the Democrat party to either understand them or appeal to those that hold these customs and issues close to their heart is why working-class whites often vote against their economic interests and go with the GOP.

With this new statement made in front of a group of "San Francisco" liberals, Sen. Obama shows just how out of touch he and his supporters truly are and why we need a "centrist" as the Democratic nominee.

If you want to see a repeat of 1972 or 1984 or 1988 or 2004, you go right ahead and vote for Obama.

If you want to save Roe v. Wade, protect the 4th Amendment, protect the environment and prevent the GOP from getting a Supreme Court majority for the rest of our lifetimes, vote for Hillary--It's just that simple.
She's the only one who can fully unite the Democratic Coalition and win the most important election in our lifetime.

We think, as perhaps a lot of other people have since forgotten is that the Clinton years were pretty damn good for everyone!

You, Lame are just another example of a male chauvinist who trembles of the thought of a female in power.

MSNBC, CNN and some local blogs all act like her candidacy is the biggest affront to the male population since "Erectile Disfunction!"

Get over it...

Our final thought:

Here's to you Hillary! Thank God that there is one Democrat left that still loves small town America and working class little people!

We also raise our whiskey glasses to Hillary too--and we are also wearing our "I am NOT bitter" stickers.

Gosh, it doesn't get much better than this in small town America!!!!!!