Sunday, April 06, 2008


New Albany owes Hillary Clinton an apology!

The Floyd County School Board approved locations for a rally at NAHS, Scribner or Hazelwood School. Citizens of New Albany could have heard Hillary Clinton and formed their own decision on her presidential race.

We, the citizens, of New Albany, were embarrassed for New Albany and for Mrs. Clinton. We were told up until Saturday at 10:00 am things could have changed for a rally at NAHS.

Why did Carl Maylsz choose Southside Inn?

Why because all England and Maylsz are interested in is downtown and "the hell with the rest of our city!"

Why were only some current Council members and some past council members invited?

Why did well over 200 Hillary supporters have to stand out in the cold for over 4 hours and purchase a meal and be herded in the very back room when all other selective officials and other private citizens could just walk in at their convenience and do as they please?

Management told Hillary supporters when they complained: this is what the administration wanted. They're calling the shots!

No wonder the owner of Southside Inn had diarrhea!

Southside Inn had stated. "limited availability is on a first come basis."

Again, we are "all citizens" of New Albany and VOTERS and TAXPAYERS!

Why was this not organized as well as other cities are to welcome any presidential candidate?

What is going on with the local Democrats?

This makes New Albany look bad on the Democrat scene in the State of Indiana.

Other smaller cities have organized the visits in open convenient facilities for Democrat Presidential Candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

One final thought on this issue. Mrs. Clinton was not allowed to visit her headquarters and two other pre-planned visits because of supposedly "death threats called in."

We find this hard to believe!

We believe it was purely "politically motivated."

Who viewed "one stop as a threat" to the current administration?

We were told at the very last minute secret service decided to change her exit route for her safety.

Only this could happen in New Albany and not in any of the other 91 counties in Indiana.

Even though New Albany leaders tried to obstruct Hillary's supporters, Hillary was well aware and made all of her supporters feel WELCOME!

Hillary assured us she will return to New Albany, before the May 6th election!

Shame on you, New Albany!


You will never appreciate "Hillary's visit" unless you were at the Southside Inn last Saturday.

Last Saturday, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton called it good for democracy.
And that's good news for Democrats, about 400 democrats and republicans arrived early last Saturday to hear Clinton speak.

Yes, republicans as well stood in line to see Hillary!

Clinton, speaking to an enthusiastic crowd at the Southside Inn on the third day of a three-day campaign sweep through Indiana, said, "There are some folks saying, "Well, we ought to stop these elections."

The crowd booed it's disapproval, then roared a cheer as Clinton defied those naysayers.

"I won't quit!" Hillary said.

"I didn't think we believed that in America.

I thought we of all people knew how important it was too give everyone a chance to have their voices heard and their votes counted, and we're going to give Indiana that chance on May 6th," Hillary said. "Because, you see, I have this old-fashioned idea that the more people who get a chance to vote, the better it is for our democracy."

"It's about issues, bread-and-butter issues," Clinton said.

I think this election, particularly here in Indiana, is about jobs, and how we're going to ensure that the economy works for everyone.

Clinton said the lack of health insurance was, for many, a secondary economic impact of job losses. She promised to help the uninsured. Clinton said she would make the health insurance plan for federal employees available to those who do not have employer-sponsored health care and she would make it so that insurance companies could not discriminate against the sick or elderly.

Clinton said the country must deal with soaring energy costs, an issue that is critical to the economy and national security. We need a commitment to renewable, clean energy, a move that if taken seriously, could jump-start the economy and create jobs.

She also talked about ending subsidies to oil companies, noting record profits and high gasoline prices.

Clinton said Americans work hard and can compete in the world economy, yet incomes are dropping and the middle-class lifestyle is slowly eroding. If she becomes the next president, she said, she will take measures to turn the sagging economy around.

"In the final analysis, this is not about race or gender or a minister or memories." Hillary said, referring to the two controversies that have stirred the Democratic primary recently: the comments by Obama's former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the comments she made about landing in Bosnia to sniper fire.

"It's about issues, our economy, good jobs, stem cell research, healthcare, and bring our men and women home from Iraq Hillary stated.

Clinton also took questions and comments from the packed Southside Inn crowd.

Hillary even told one citizen of New Albany, what they are doing to you is "fraud" and you need to get an attorney.

Before Clinton left the Southside Inn for a rally at DuPont High School in Louisville, she spent time shaking hands, giving autographs and posing for pictures with some longtime-and brand new-"Hoosiers for Hillary!"

Throughout her visit, there was much applause and many chants of "Hillary, Hillary."

18 Representatives from Freedom Of Speech attended the rally for Senator Clinton at the Southside Inn on Saturday 3/29/08.

The following are some of the comments made by local citizens and elected office holders after Hillary's visit:

Sheriff Darrell Mills stated: he is a "big supporter of Hillary" and added "What a mess", when referring to the effort of local officials. Secret Service said she plans additional stops, how can I protect her if we don't know where she's going?

[Apparently some one found out where Mrs. Clinton was stopping.]

Maria Granger, candidate for Judge of Superior Court 3, said she is a supporter of Senator Clinton and was honored to be able to attend.

I'm so excited -- I'm a big Hillary supporter.

~ Linda Moeller

This is great, we need a woman like Hillary who can fix this country.

~ Darlene McCoy

This is exciting, I've always admired Hillary Clinton. Go Hillary Go!
~ Senator Connie Sipes

It was indeed an honor to meet Senator Clinton and I didn't mind standing in the cold while waiting to go inside. But I think they should have moved the event to a larger facility so more people could have attended.
~ Shirley Baird

Hillary's got my vote!
~ Paul Ethridge

Republican Mathew Miller , a 22-year-old IUS student in the audience, said McCain is much like Bush. He does not think Clinton should bow to pressure to end her campaign. I just switched parties because Hillary is the best one to get us out of this war and back on solid ground as a country.

With all the problems this nation faces, she said, she wants someone with experience and isn't convinced that Obama has it. Hillary's got my vote.
~Kathy Roberts

She supports the working class, the difference between both candidates, he sees is Clinton's experience trumps Obama's oratorical flair. Hillary has my vote.
~ Brad Michaels

I agree with Hillary on several issues: Less dependence on foreign oil. When Hillary said: We invented the car. We can invent the 21st century car. I loved it! I also agree with her putting millions of dollars into Stem Cell research as well as Aids research and creating more jobs. Hillary totally supports small businesses. She promised to provide health insurance that people can afford, and making college more affordable. She's has my vote!
~ Diane Bayh

Of course I'm voting for Hillary. Hillary is the best man for the job.

~ Chuck Freiberger

This woman is smarter than I thought. She sure makes a lot of sense. She has solutions to our problems unlike Obama. She's has my vote as well.

~ Tom Pickett

It's time to put a woman in the White House and as Mayor of New Albany. It will take a strong woman like Hillary to clean up our country and a stronger woman to fix New Albany!
~Jackie Proctor

Just this week:

Clinton likens herself to "Rocky" this week in Philadelphia.

Recalling a famous scene on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of art, Clinton said that ending her presidential campaign now would be as if "Rocky Balboa had gotten halfway up those art museum steps and said: Well, I guess that's about far enough."

"Let me tell you something, when it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common: I never quit, I never give up. And neither do the American people.

That's the spirit Hillary!!!!

footnote: Look what happens when you "research the facts" and do your homework ~ you always get your answers!