Saturday, March 08, 2008


We believe we can find the solutions for most of the everyday problems that we complain about, in our city. Our attitude is that, the problems of the city are our problems.

City Board of Works

Matt Dennison - President
Kay Garry - City Controller
Carl Malysz - Deputy Mayor, Director Community Development, Economic Development Director

Board of Works voted to award a contract for a study of New Albany streets. The contract approved for $14,500 by Renaissance Design Build Inc. of Sellersburg.

Was Renaissance Design Build Inc. a contributor to Mayor England's campaign?

How do we know that Renaissance Design Build Inc. will not be pressured by political figures in New Albany when they prepare the list?

First of all, we have already paid for a study for repairs of Spring Street Hill.

Second, we, the taxpayers, will turn in a city list of potholes to the Board of Works and we won't charge $14,500.

The decision for the payment of $14,500 contract to study our streets will now fall into the hands of the Redevelopoment Commission.

Those members are:

Irving Joshua - President
Eddie Hancock
John Coffman
Dan Coffey - Council member
Diane McCartin Benedetti - Council member

EDIT Funds:

Let us go back to the Redevelopment Commission meeting of 2001. "The Director stated that by the time the project is paid off, we will pay approximately $3,696,350 of EDIT money into the parking garage project. The Director also stated that once the TIF Bonds are paid off, then, TIF Funds can be collected to refund the city the EDIT money. In return, the city can use those EDIT Funds for other capital improvement projects."

Freedom Of Speech would like to say: that this $3,696,350 of EDIT money could pave every street in our city.

Source: New Albany Redevelopment Commission Nov. 2001

How can Deputy Mayor Carl Malysz & Mayor England make this decision to refuse to pay back the $3,696,350 that TIF owes EDIT for the payments on the Downtown Parking Garage Bond?

With the amount of city money we are paying Deputy Mayor Carl Malysz, Mayor England and Matt Dennison, can you believe that they DON'T have the knowledge and fairness to prepare a list of New Albany streets to repair.

It seems to us it is still cheaper to put a street down once, and not have to tear them up and fix them every election year for perks.

Malysz, Dennison and England did you all forget simple economics?

When we hear you all talk, our city has all kind of money to spend!

How about fixing infrastructure first like sewers, 15th Street and worry about sidewalks and streets later.

Our final thought, "Let's do a pothole fundraiser." how much are you willing to contribute if we promise to put your name on a pothole?

Now that's what "we taxpayers" call creative financing!