Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Every clique has its own language -- an insider's jargon that people outside the political arena don't always understand.

As they say politicians have a language of their own too.

Since over 52% of voters in New Albany are Democrats. All we can say for you republicans and independent candidates you better have a lot of democrat family and a lot of great democrat friends.

So if you are a candidate get educated real damn quick!

Learn the political language because it's about time to hit the ground running and convince the voters you are the right person to elect!

Political words to learn and remember:

Blue Dog Democrat: The blue dog democrats are a coalition of like-minded democrats whose primary mission is to promote fiscally responsible budget reforms and accountability for taxpayer dollars.

GOP: Grand Old Party, nickname of the Republican Party

Coattails: The power of a popular candidate together support for other candidates in his or her group or win able candidates are said to have when they drag other candidates along with them to victory.

Machine Politics: Politics controlled by a tightly - run inter circle that stresses discipline and rewards its outside candidates and supporters.

Dark Horse: A long - shot candidate.

Demagogue: A leader whose impassioned rhetoric appeals to greed, fear, and hatred, and who often spreads lies.

Grass roots: Political activity that originates locally, or arises from ground level.

Platform: The positions that a party adopts, and stands on, at the beginning of an election campaign.

Slate: Candidates for various offices running as a team.

Stump: To campaign in person on a local level.

Swing Vote: The undecided, portion of the voters that can "swing" the outcome of an election one way or the other.

Spin: A politician's attempt to shape the way the public looks at an issue or event.