Friday, March 21, 2008


What you will hear over the next 4 years:

* We HAVE no money

* We have to raise the sewer rates (EPA said so)

* It's Overton's fault she got all the money

* It's the Sewer Boards fault

* We're all Democrats

* You have to do what I say "I'm the MAYOR"

* I know what's best

* Rain is an act of GOD

* I've INHERITED this mess - But I can fix it...the council will have to back me up and give me what I want !

Freedom Of Speech believes there's plenty of criticism to go around in this slowly unfolding train wreck at City Hall.

There's the mayor's missteps, the council's incompetence and lack of common sense, the melodrama of the controller office and the puzzling behavior of the Deputy Mayor himself.

TIFS, Tax Abatements and Annexation are not the answer!

Is there not one rational voice at City Hall?

Happy Easter
Freedom Of Speech Staff