Saturday, March 01, 2008


There are two ways to do things in local government. The right way and the wrong way.

You are right, Mayor England, as you stated 12/29/2007. "Even though I was mayor for eight years, a lot has changed since then he said.

Things have changed a lot since 1999, do you agree Mr. Mayor?

Let's discuss Deputy Mayor Carl Malysz. We would like to give our readers a little job history on our new Deputy Mayor:

2002 - Fired by Mayor Overton as head of Planning & Zoning

2002-2007 - Worked in Louisville Dept. of Housing & Development

July 16, 2007 - Mayor Garner hired Carl Malysz as Director of Economic Development

Sept. 6, 2007 - Malysz leaves New Albany City government for a new job with Home Builders Association of Southern Indiana.

December 29, 2007 - Mayor England "creates position" of Deputy Mayor and appoints Carl Malysz

Jan. 18, 2008 - salary of $85,000 approved for Deputy Mayor Carl Malysz.


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With his work history, what are the chances of the newly appointed, Deputy Mayor Malysz, staying in New Albany long enough to guarantee the pay off of $4,500,000 cost for New Albany TIF projects he has proposed and pushed through our council?

So you ask what is our point?

The mayor agrees he's been out of office and things have changed. Maybe he overlooked some laws. It is legally ok to create a position, but, when you create a Deputy Mayor position you need to go by Indiana State Law.

Source: State Board of Accounts, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns

You can check the IC code out by going to:

We'll not make it easy on Mayor England by giving him the actual State law he has violated because we feel he should be earning his $11,000 raise.

Oh don't worry critics of Freedom Of Speech, we have copies of the law and have verified that "Carl Malysz is not legally" the Deputy Mayor.

Does that mean he has to pay the money back?

Is it legal for the City Controller to issue a payroll check to an employee whose position was not CREATED according to Indiana Law?

Do you see what happens, property owners, when the "new England Adminstration" doesn't do their homework?

When private citizens like us care more about saving your property tax dollars than the current adminstration.

We were told Mayor England has informed several citizens that he will not be intimidated and as Mayor and we quote: he will do what ever he pleases.

You might think that England, but neither you nor anyone in your adminstration is above Indiana State Law!

Since we seem to be the bearer of bad news this Saturday, we might as well give you the rest of it.

Rental inspection:

For well over a year or longer several citizens have been demanding that our past mayor, current mayor, and some previous council members, and some current council members have promised and campaigned on rental inspection.

The BAD NEWS for all of you is that this week we were told that Mayor England "cut a deal "with several Realtors. He has promised them there will never be or they will never pass an ordinance for "rental inspections" in the City of New Albany.

Source: Realtors

Our first thought was: What was the purpose of hiring a second code enforcement officer? Our second thought was: How is England going to pull this one off?

You are so right Mr. Mayor, you have been out of office too long. You have all of us to deal with now unlike in 1992-1999. You should have learned from the past that "you can never play both sides against the middle without getting caught."

Is this town big enough for both groups?

When on one side they demand rental inspection and then, on the other side, the Realtors have been promised "NO RENTAL INSPECTION and NO NEW FEES" in New Albany.

This issue will be very interesting to watch as it plays out!

How will the Mayor spin this deal?

Who is worth more to England now? A certain group of wannabe's or the realtors?

Our money is on the Realtors.

Welcome to the 21st century...Doug!

Freedom Of Speech is trying to make the property owners aware of what is really going on in our city.