Sunday, September 14, 2008


After attending last Wednesday's meeting in regards to rental registration and rental inspection.

We couldn't believe what WE were hearing.

It's not that complicated "boys".

If this is to much work for City Attorney Shane Gibson, Building Commissioner Ron Hartman and Code Enforcement Officer Pam Badger to do the job we taxpayers are paying them to do then we suggest they quit.

1. The Council Committee [Gonder, McLaughlin, Price] should be looking for ways to:

* Make New Albany homes safer for families to live

* Clean up New Albany

* Protect the children who have to live in UNSAFE, TRASHY houses

2. The Fire Department doesn't stop outside a burning house to question if this house is OWNER OCCUPIED OR RENTAL before they enter that building to rescue a senior or a small child.

Is our current Building Commissioner trained and certified to do the job the taxpayers pay him?

How many building inspectors do we have employed for our City of New Albany? 3? Why do we need to hire more Inspectors, or more Code Enforcement?

Why isn't City Attorney Gibson not enforcing the laws on our books?

It seems like to us he's to busy working on receiving Bond Commissions!

Didn't he make $180,000 commission on Scribner Place BONDS?

Why do we need a rental register, when all this information is available on the Assessor's computers, the Plat Room computers, Auditor's computers, Recorder's computers and the Treasurer's computers.

Every vacant piece of property is recorded as well as every home, rental property, or commercial buildings.

If this information is not on these computers then our city is in bigger trouble than we thought!

Do you all not realize how much it would cost taxpayers for software and staff for a Rental Registry? Who will upgrade the information when property is sold, transferred, and splits?

More inspectors and more code enforcement officers mean more trucks, gas, cell phones, insurance, maintenance and benefits.

Councilman Gonder have you lost your mind? You're really not this stupid to attempt to bring this issue before us taxpayers.

Good Grief...You boys just don't get it!

If certain people would get off there asses downtown and do the job that ours and your tax dollars pay for, just maybe this city could get something done RIGHT!

You cannot discriminate against landlords.

If you have a Rental Inspection Fee then you will also have to have a Property Inspection Fee for homeowners.

Your priority as a committee is the safety of our children and to clean up our city.

Not everyone in New Albany can afford a home on Historical Main Street or even start up a business.

Why are you trying to penalize renters which will raise the amount of rent they pay.

Your not hurting slum lords or Rental Property owners at all.

They will just pass these fees on to their tenants.

Then, if the money is not there, then you will try to pass an increase in property taxes.

Believe you don't even want to go there.

Every fee you add on or increase affects renters, senior citizens, and taxpayers.

Safety should be YOUR number one priority.

Mr. Gonder are you not Councilman at Large?

Then why are your only concerns for various issues that only reflect a certain group you seem to represent?

Regardless of your own personal opinions on a Smoking ban, Redistricting, and Rental Registration and Rental Inspection.

You need to be looking at the big picture not just for a selective few.

Why are you using Clearwater, Florida as a blue print for New Albany Rental Inspection?

Don't you not realize we are not Jeffersonville, Louisville, Clarksville or Madison or any other city?

That's how out of touch you and several council members are with the city and the taxpayers.

First, if you council members would start doing your homework by looking at FINANCIALS, previous ORDINANCES PASSED, and BUDGETS, you might just get it.

Second, your concerns should be: Where is our 2008 Budget? Why are we approving anything when we don't have any money in the bank?

What are the Council's and this England administration's priorities?

Two-way streets? Spring Street Hill?

Smoking Ban, Redistricting, Rental Inspection and now the latest reported by our local newspaper: "Golf carts."

What the hell is wrong with this England Administration and Council?