Sunday, September 07, 2008


People say they want transparent government?

How about we make the job descriptions and Ordinance's already in place effective?

Building Commissioner Responsibilities as listed in Ordinance G-04-23:

Cleanliness of Premises
1. Enter premises to determine compliance :150.10 (e)
2. Determine the Identity & Address of Landowner : 150.101 (e)
3. Send written notice by Certified Mail: 150.101 (e)
4. Have the city remove material & vehicles: 150.101 (f)
5. File a LIEN against the property with the County Recorder for all costs incurred by the City for REMOVAL.


(1) If the landowner fails to remove the material and vehicles within the time prescribed, the Building Commissioner shall cause the city or its agent to remove and dispose the material and vehicles, as allowed under IC 36-1-6-2, as amended.

(2) The Building Commissioner must then prepare a certified statement of the actual cost the city incurred in removing and disposing of the material and vehicles, plus any additional administrative costs incurred in the city's effort to enforce this section.

(3) The certified statement of costs must be delivered to the land-owner of the property, by certified mail, at his or her last known address, as determined by the tax duplicate records of the County Auditor.

(4) The landowner must pay the amount specified in the certified statement to the City Clerk within 20 days after receiving the statement.

(5) If the landowner fails to pay the amount within the required time, a certified statement of the landowner's failure to pay the costs will be filed with the office of County Auditor.

(6) Pursuant to IC 36-7-9 as mended, the Auditor will then place the amount claimed on the tax duplicate against the property affected by the work. The amount will therefore be collected and disbursed to the General Fund of the City as other property taxes.

Source: New Albany Code Book

Procedure to file a Lien on Property: 150.101 (g)

1. Building Commissioner to Recorder
2. Recorder to Auditor
3. Auditor to Treasurer
4. Treasurer adds to next TAX bill to be mailed

England said of the idea, [prospect of a rental-inspection program] "I believe in it wholeheartedly," emphasizing that landlords must be "courageous enough" to allow inspections.

You phony hypocrite, you promised SEVERAL landlords this would never happen as long as you were mayor!

Would you like Freedom Of Speech to list their names and contact numbers?

Like you don't have an agenda of your own.

Spare us all Doug...

According to Deputy Mayor and Director of Development Carl Malysz, "a registration program would be incredibly helpful," adding the city's code enforcement officials sometimes have a hard time finding the supervising party when an infraction is found.

"You stupid lying jack-ass..."

Code Enforcement employee "Pam Badger" is also a part time employee of the Assessor's office. Pamie knows more about chasing down property owners than either City or County Assessor's!

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

To many politicians and appointees revel in the glory of promoting new ordinances or new business. It's fun hanging out at the City County Building hobnobbing with the "developers and letting the mayor" know where "his influence should be pedaled."

Unfortunately, this "fun" stuff apparently takes precedence over sitting in your office and paying attention to the city functions you were hired to do or manage.

The day to day grind is not nearly as much fun as getting your name in the paper as an innovator and a mover-and-shaker of New Albany.

But contrary to popular belief: If you want to bask in the glow of negative publicity, keep trying to scam us taxpayers!

This Rental Inspection Program that Mayor England and Deputy Mayor Malysz are pushing is just another layer of government that will cost taxpayers.