Thursday, September 25, 2008


Taxpayers should be mad as hell!

We are opposed to the Wall Street crowd that wants to give us their trash but they want our treasure. More than likely Wall Street trash will still be trash. If it was worth anything, they would be keeping it.

If they can't take care of their cash, how can they take care of ours?

Considering that our Government is stupidly [no other word seems to fit] contemplating giving, what they call, a bailout of over 700 Billion dollar. [it will be more like a giveaway or a handout].

First of all, the US Government is not a bank!

Moreover, the US citizens are not giving our Government permission, to use our money, in this manner as a loan, or in whatever cleaver way they find to characterize it.

Our understanding from Indiana Senator Evan Bayh is, that Congress has only received a 3 page document, which states the reasons why Wall Street needs our money, and the tough circumstances they themselves have created; plus the possible scenarios that will occur if they can't have our money.

How will we ever be able to keep track of what happens to our money?

Who do they [Wall Street conglomerates] think they are?

Apparently, they have already demonstrated to be poor money handlers!

Similarly, if by chance, We wanted to secure some kind of a loan or mortgage. Our eligibility would be researched to no end, and our livelihood would be investigated inside and out, upside and down, and by whatever means they would dream up, to insure that we qualified.

It has been discussed in many ways, they want our money so that they can be allowed to extend us more credit.

They want to have access to our money, so they can lend it back to us and thereby have us pay them interest on our own money they have just taken from us. Shouldn't we be getting interest on our money, that they want from us, first?

Where is the logic in any of this?

Does any of this seem to make any sense at all?

Haven't they screwed up royally with the money they already have?

It seems to us they really want to use our money to pay their bills.

Shouldn't this be called fleece and lace?

They fleece our pockets and lace their own!

Let them use some of their high salaries to pay their own bills.

Traditionally, the majority of honest hard working Americans are not looking for a handout, but, want to legitimately earn and pay for what they secure for themselves and their families.

It makes you wonder if the majority of these high salaried people on Wall Street and in the US Government are really concerned much beyond themselves.

Economists are suppose to be in the know.

Certainly, they use a lot of fancy names to identify the economy and all the economic trends [percentage this and percentage that, points up and down] and a lot of other specialized information that the general public cannot even begin to comprehend.

If, those who caused this situation and use these fancy names, would have adequately understood, would this situation ever have developed?

Consider their record keeping procedures for a minute.

What happen to all the records that would qualify as full disclosure of where all their money came from [and from whom] and where it all went [and to whom]?

What happened to all the world's wonderful computer systems that keep track of everything?

There must be programs, in use somewhere, storing all that wonderful computer data that is suppose to keep track and reveal where all their cash came from and where it all went.

Without ever thinking about the staggering amount involved to any great degree, it is and should be apparent, Wall Street certainly could not qualify in any way, by any stretch of the imagination.

So now we have been given a ransom demand by the Federal Reserve and George Bush: "Give us the power to print $700 billion in your names as co-borrowers, which we will create out of thin air the way we always do, and we will use it to pay ourselves $700 billion, which the taxpayers will then have to pay us back with interest in consideration of handling the entire bogus transaction!

Neither $700 billion, nor any lesser amount!

Wake up America!

In Mega-Banks We Trust...