Sunday, September 21, 2008


In a recent Public Meeting, a New Albany taxpayer asked why our paid Code Enforcement Officer is not writing citations on abandoned vehicles and junk cars parked in yards.

Deputy Mayor Malysz responded that "abandoned vehicles and yard parking of Junk Cars was handled by Planning and Zoning Dept." and not by the Code Enforcement Officer.

Wrong Mr. Malysz!

Is this what we are paying you $85,000 to say? Another lie?

Are you really this out of touch?

Freedom Of Speech would like to SUGGEST that Deputy Mayor Malysz read:

New Albany Code #150.141 (A) 7 & 8

150.141 Code Enforcement Officers Duties and Responsibilities:

(A) It is the duty and responsibility of the Ordinance Enforcement Officer are to inspect and cite violations of any ordinance in effect for the City of New Albany, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Environmental violations, such as:

(a) Uncollected trash and garbage, litter and debris

(b) Fallen trees, stumps, dead trees and cut brush

(2) Demolition remains:

(3) Appliances or furniture in yard or sidewalk

(4) Auto parts and scrap metal

(5) Grass and Yards which violate City Ordinance

(6) Portable signs

* (7) Abandoned vehicles as defined by City Ordinance and the Indiana Code

* (8) Yard parking and illegal parking as per City Ordinance

(9) Other city ordinances pertaining to cleanliness of property

(Ordinance G-05-01, passed 1-20-05)

They are now interviewing to hire a "Concentrated Code Enforcement Officer." says Deputy Mayor Malysz.

There is also an Ordinance on the books for this Hiring Process 150.142:

* (A) The Board of Public Works and Safety shall nominate the candidates for Ordinance Enforcement Officer

* (B) The Common Council shall approve the "Officer" and the Mayor shall appoint him or her after he or she has received Council approval.

(Ordinance G-05-01, passed 1-20-05)

Deputy Mayor Malysz, we suggest that you read the New Albany Code Book of Laws!