Monday, August 04, 2008


I don't smoke. But, I still don't get the big movement against a smoking ban.

Our foods and beverages are filled with chemicals we never heard of to preserve them. Our air is from time to time tainted with smog, exhaust and spraying pesticides.

But, exposure to cigarette smoke is gonna kill us?

Come on. This is just another smokescreen to cover up the real problems that plague our society.

Johnny might have driven his car through the window of the local grocery store, but that's okay.

Johnny apologized for being drunk and has Dr. Phil counseling him, at least Johnny DOES NOT SMOKE!

Our government might be bought and paid for by some outside interests, but hey our elected officials are not smoking, so relax.

Yell right!

What the hell is wrong with this city?

We need the tax money from cigarette sales for our road problems which are horrendous.

But, it can all be solved by keeping Joe Six -pack from smoking a Winston at a bar.

Folks it is called choice.

People have smoked tobacco in the United States since before the United States was the good ole United States of America we all love.

Like I said, I don't smoke.

But, I know people who do, and not a one of them is a worthless leech on society.

They are hardworking folks, who have a smoke and a cold one to get some relaxation in an otherwise hectic life.

We say, let them keep light em up.

Eisenhower smoked, FDR smoked, JFK enjoyed a good smoke and Obama enjoys smoking to calm his racist nerves.

Even Roger Baylor himself enjoys a good cigars.

Are they somehow to be now regarded as lesser in our eyes because they smoked tobacco?

I know some of you whiners out there will say, "but, we will have to pay those smokers medical bills, it ain't fair."

Well, we say, chances are that smoker you are "bitching about" has been paying your medical bills with his tax money, so you folks owe him a few puffs.

Why should the men and women who get things done in this city and then choose to stop and have a cold one, light one up to relax a bit be treated so unfairly?

Yes, lung cancer kills people.

But so does cars, drugs, tornadoes, fires, and about everything else in this world.

This is New Albany folks, if smoking offends you stay at home.

We feel it should be a business owners choice!

Not city government...