Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The time has come for Hillary to say to Howard Dean, "this is your mess not mine, you did it, not me and it's not for me to clean up."

If you had played by the Democratic Party rules in the first place, if you hadn't been so politically stupid, you wouldn't have this brewing disaster on your hands.

Stop putting it on my shoulders.

"It's not my responsibility to make this clown an electable candidate when he isn't."

At the risk of being redundant, Clinton didn't make this mess, they did. She didn't try and slant the playing field in Obama's favor, they did. She didn't usurp and trash Democratic Party rules and procedures when they just should have been allowed to play out, they did.

And she didn't force Obama to display a phony Presidential seal, renege on every promise he made during the primary season, bribe people with food and a free concert to fake a big turnout at his speeches and prove himself to be a serial liar, he did all that on his own.

It is not her responsibility that Obama can't get out of a TIE with John McCain when almost any Democratic candidate would be up by double digits.

Any candidate but Barack Obama.

It's their mess and it's not Clinton's job to help clean it up.

And it's not up to her supporters to clean up the mess either!

Hillary should most certainly throw this party unity charade under her very own bus.

Think about it...

Here's Hillary, giving speeches at all these unity events in support of Obama and trying to do what the DNC asks of her, despite the way they all treat her.

It is truly frightening to see the last shred of our illusion of open convention, election and democratic principles torn asunder by the very party that most espoused these principles!