Thursday, August 14, 2008


So the big question on everyone's mind is, will Hillary be on the Democratic ballot at the convention?

Will there be a backlash to Obama Delegate letter?

We guess Obama was trying to appease Hillary's supporters when he wrote a letter to the DNC rules committee this week telling them to seat all Michigan and Florida delegates.

Obama's decision to return full voting status to delegates from Michigan and Florida does not make up for the fact that the RBC stole delegates from the uncommitted voters, as well as all write in votes, and 4 of Hillary's delegates.

So if the delegates are restored, as they should be anyway in a Democratic manner, Obama should not be the presumed candidate.

We do think more voters are becoming disenchanted with Obama-whether because of "Obama Fatigue," evidence of unrestrained and unbecoming arrogance, the rightward shifts, or the flagrantly disingenuous bullshit such as his new found willingness to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations [having once shoved them under the bus to derail Hillary].

The DNC should open up the the DNC convention in Denver to be an actual democratic process be allowing both Hillary and Obama's name in nomination, allowing both to speak and have speeches on their behalf, allowing both names on the ballots, allow all the votes to be counted, allow private voting, and Hillary will be the nominee.

Hillary has earned the right to be nominated, she already won the popular vote, winning MORE votes than ANY candidate of ANY party in history!

The African American community can handle the fall of Obama with dignity, to say "Denver will burn" or threats of violence is insulting to them and us.

They know they have been "played" by Obama.

He's being exposed for the fraud he's always been, he's just been the candidate of the 24/7 media driven illusion, nothing more.

The Dems are very foolish if they nominate an unqualified and unelectable candidate in Obama.

Obama should be ashamed of himself for disenfranchising voters until he thinks he's got the nomination locked up.

It's ironic that it's the black man who disenfranchising voters isn't it?

What would MLK, who fought "so hard for voters rights" think of the fraud Obama?

Not much we bet!

In 1932, FDR came into the Democratic convention 90 delegates short of the required number to secure the nomination outright, and FDR won the nomination on the FOURTH BALLOT!

THAT was real democracy in action...

As neither Hillary or Obama have earned the required number of delegates to secure the nomination outright, the super delegates should decide this nomination. The super delegates should vote for the candidate who can win in November.

That candidate is and shall remain Hillary Clinton, who is clearly the best candidate, more qualified and more electable.

Susan B. Anthony once said, "No self respected woman should wish for or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex".

Hillary should come out TOMORROW and give a speech restating her case for why she should be the nominee.

"We want the superdelegates to take a long hard look at the electoral map and the primary math," Not only has Senator Clinton won the popular vote, she won the key states that are crucial to any Democrat winning the White House in the fall.

After all of Obama's reprehensible antics over the past few months, she would be justified in doing so.

She should frame her argument as being what's best for the party - and the country.

Our votes for Hillary was a vote for experience, a women's perspective, a "stick to it" philosophy of working the problem and sheer intelligence, competence, a willingness to work hard and an attitude of "never give up" completed the package for us.

All of our reasons to vote for someone got shoved under the label of racism at one time or another during this campaign.

Experience was turned into "working for the man," a woman's prospective turned into "she periodically lashes out," "stick-to-it philosophy" got turned into "take her into the back room until only one comes out." Competence got turned into "likable enough" and "bitch" in campaign music, a willingness to work hard and a "never give up" attitude got turned into ungraciousness and unwillingness to, for-god-sake step-the hell-aside Hillary.

That's not just an attack against a rival, that's an attack against the very things we were looking for in a candidate.

And we believe a large majority of Democrats would support her, with only the dwindling number of hard-core Kool-Aid drinkers still sticking with Obama.

We are Democrats because we believe in universal health care, because we despice racism, race-baiting, and sexism, and because we believe in the democratic process.

On all these counts, our Party has failed us.

We must rid our Party of race-baiting, sexism, and vote stealing, and return our Party to it's glorious heritage of patriotism, equal opportunity, and care for the most vulnerable.

The Democratic party isn't even offering us "half a loaf."

McCain is by no means perfect, but he didn't shove us under the bus, were all there, courtesy of the "democrat" party.

Right now a half a loaf is better than none!