Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Governor Daniels should provide bold property tax relief leadership during the remainder of his reelection campaign.

He should tell Hoosier voters that he will work to get the constitutional property tax caps in Senate Joint Resolution 1 passed during the first week of the 2009 General Assembly session.

Passing SJR1 next year would allow we the people to vote in 2010 for a state constitution amendment that permanently caps property taxes at one percent of our home's value.

We would be protected from shocking property tax increases that force us to make terrible choices between three meals a day, necessary medicine, and property tax bills.

The property tax tax relief promised by this year's sales tax increase would not go away.

We would have a great starting point to eliminate some or all property taxes.

The cost to our governments would be cut because we would be able to keep the home we worked all our lives to buy.

SJR 1 would also protect other property taxpayers from abuse.

The property tax caps for all apartments and farm land would be lowered to two percent of their value. The existing business property tax cap of three percent would never be increased. Farmers and businesses would be able to safely predict their property taxes so they can stay in business.

The constitutional property tax caps that Governor Daniels originated in SJR 1 represent the best effort in more than twenty years to make the state and local burden of Hoosier working families more fair and affordable.

Hoosier working families win next year if our governor leads our General Assembly to pass the constitutional property tax caps.

We all want to protect our homes and jobs.

Candidates will have to tell voters whether they stand with the property tax payers or property tax spenders!

Mitch Daniels isn't a man who rests on laurels or is content to merely tread water and hold station.

He pushes forward...

Freedom Of Speech appreciates Governor Daniels leadership and enthusiastically and proudly endorses Governor Mitch Daniels!