Sunday, July 06, 2008


First of all the staff of Freedom Of Speech hopes each and everyone of our readers had a great 4th of July holiday.

Unfortunately, we have to ruin your three day holiday with the bad news.

Should we be the source breaking this news to the citizens of New Albany?

We say... NO!

Are the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Controller too busy trying to keep this information from taxpayers and our city council members?

We will give you all a chance to read the truth on Freedom Of Speech.

On April 10, 2008 England stated in the newspaper that New Albany has a general fund that is nearly $1.7 million in the red. The general fund finances 16 departments and operating funds.

So how about the truth now Mr. England?

Here comes -- "We told you so" way back in 2007!

The cash balances of the following funds were overdrawn in 2007:

General Fund...................... - $2,218,707

Motor Vehicle Highway....... - $85,325

New Direction..................... - $9,766

Redevelopment BAN
Charlestown Road.............. - $1,400


The records presented for audit indicated the following expenditures in excess of BUDGET appropriations:

General Fund ................. - $811,179

Stormwater Fund........... - $1,323,055

Source: State Board of Accounts 2007 Audit

So who are you going to believe taxpayers, Mr. England or the State Board of Accounts?


Why does Council President Gahan not call for a full independent audit, a full investigation and just get to the bottom of what is really going on in the controllers office?

Are these council members so weak and so obligated to Doug England that no one has the guts to do the right thing on behalf of taxpayers?

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Our city keeps making the same damn mistakes. Why don't they follow Ordinances our Council passes? No one stays on a budget. We still don't have a 2008 city budget, but this administration continues to spend.

There is no policy for take home cars or logs kept for millage or records kept on 68 cell phones to determine city or personal use.

Where is the "accountability to the taxpayers" of New Albany?

How damn stupid do they think we taxpayers are?

Freedom Of Speech would like to personally thank the State Board of Accounts for releasing this vital information to the taxpayers of New Albany.

footnote: Freedom Of Speech will be releasing additional city violations next week from the 2007 State Board of Accounts Audit.