Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Develop New Albany is searching for funding.

As stated in the New Albany Tribune:

"New Albany Urban Enterprise Association recently ended it's partnership with Develop New Albany."

" The association had paid Develop New Albany about $4000.00 a month for salary and expenses."

"The city of New Albany gives DNA $5,000.00 per year."

New Albany has been giving money to DNA for a long time. DNA Board President Farmer declined to comment on whether DNA would seek more money from the city.

Freedom of Speech has an answer for DNA should they ask for more city money.

The city of New Albany is searching for money to bail out the city budget to correct many city problems. Develop New Albany should be reminded that the city has pledged $137,000.00 per year to the Scribner Place project. Yes---that's $137,000.00 per year for a downtown project.

The DNA staff and board spoke out and supported the Scribner Place project and that is where the money is going.

Freedom of Speech feels that the city of New Albany cannot soak any more than $137,000.00 per year in downtown New
Albany. The city needs to help the east end, the west end and all for corners of New Albany.

Where did the money go? Answer: $137,000.00 per year to Scribner Place.