Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Dennis Andres is still trying to obtain a Special Exemption to place additional fill material on his property located near Corydon Pike.

According to Ben Hersberg's Courier Journal article dated 11/15/06, a meeting was held on 11/14 to consider Mr. Andres' request. Approximately fifty people attended this meeting to show their opposition to this continued dumping.

Several of Mr. Andres' neighbors spoke as did his Councilman, Dan Coffey. Additionally, many of the attendees stood to show their opposition.

Homeowners should not have to be concerned about one person's actions which cause their peoperty to flood. Just because a person owns property does not give them the right to infringe on their neighbors' rights. We have a Stormwater Board to handle something like this, don't we?

Freedom of Speech urges the Board of Zoning Appeals to follow the County Plan Commission's lead and put a stop to this dumping.