Tuesday, November 07, 2006


United States Senator
Richard G. Lugar (Rep.)

United States Representative In Congress
Baron Hill (Dem.)

State Senator
Connie Weigleb Sipes (Dem.)

State Representative
Willian Cochran (Dem.)

Prosecuting Attorney
Keith Henderson (Rep.)

Clerk Of The Circuit Court
Linda Moeller (Dem.)

County Auditor
Tersea Plaiss (Dem.)

County Sheriff
Darrell Mills (Dem.)

County Assessor
Brenda Egge (Dem.)

County Commissioner
Mark Seabrook (Rep.)

County Council District 1
Thomas Pickett (Dem.)

County Council District 2
Larry McAllister (Dem.)

County Council District 3
Lana Aebersold (Rep.)

County Council District 4
John Schellenberger (Rep.)

Township Trustee Franklin Township
Hazel Riley (Dem.)

Township Board Franklin Township
Paul Byrne (Dem.)
Randy Hubert (Dem.)
Ernie Mayfield (Dem.)

Township Trustee Georgetown Township
David Riley (Dem.)

Township Board Member Georgetown Township
Dennis Roudenbush (Dem.)
Charles Wilson (Rep.)
Jeffrey Firkin (Rep.)

Township Trustee Greenville Township
Hilda Gibson (Dem.)

Township Board Member Greenville Township
Mary Grube (Rep.)
Rick Hall (Rep.)
Patty Nelson (Rep.)

Township Trustee Lafayette Township
Evan Freiberger (Dem.)

Township Board Member Lafayette Township
Priscilla Meer (Dem.)
Carl Schindler (Dem.)
Charles Zipp (Dem.)

Township Assessor
Barbara Sillings (Dem.)

Township Trustee New Albany Township
Jeannie Freiberger (Dem.)

Township Board Member
Bob Hornung (Rep.)
Lodema Applegate (Dem.)
Patty Walker (Dem.)

Greenville Town Board
Patti Hayes-Daniels (Rep.)
Bob Wright (Rep.)

Freedom Of Speech would like to offer our Congratulations to all the winning candidates.