Saturday, September 30, 2006


" New Albany Police Officer allows himself to be stunned by a Taster Gun with 50,000 volts at 4th Street Live in Louisville."


1. His colleagues were present. How many New Albany Police Officers were at 4th Street Live in Louisville for the New Albany Police Officer's performance?

2. Did Police Officer Wells and the others drive their New Albany Police Cars to 4th Street Live Bar in Louisville?

3. Remember---we taxpayers pay for the gas and upkeep of those police cars.

4. Was the 50,000 volt Taser Gun a New Albany Taser Gun?

5. We can't believe that the Louisville Police Department loaned the 50,000 volt Taser Gun to shoot a New Albany Policemen.

6. Interesting---"Chief Merle Harl and Capt. Rick Denny allowed Policeman Wells to try this desperate stunt."

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask Chief Merle Harl:

Is this a good image for New Albany Police to be performing in Louisville Bars?