Friday, September 22, 2006


September 12, 2005

To: Council Members

From: Kay Garry

Cc: Mayor Garner

Enclosed please find the amended salary ordinance. All position have been taken back to the 2005 salary status for each employee. This should be the ordinance approved by the council at the September 22, 2005 meeting. This ordinance has to be approved by September 30 for Second Class Cities. Although the salary and benfit line items show an increase of 2.5%, those appropriations can be lowered after the approval of budgets.

I have tried to think of an incentive for people who will not get any increase in 2006. The county has a longevity program which exempts part-time and elected officials. The County Council approves the longevity each year, although the following figures have been used since Steve Sharp was on the County Council. The schedule follows:

Step O...Less than 1 year....-O-
Step 1...1 year of service.....$200
Step 2...2 years of service...$400
Step 3...5 years of service...$700
Step 4...10 years of service..$1,000
Step 5...15 years of service..$1,200

The longevity is paid the 2nd pay in Feburary and an employee has to have a 1 year anniversary by Jan. 31 of the payout year. (i.e., someone who starts work on February 1 would have to wait 2 years to receive a longevity pay.) Of course, this is just a suggestion, and you may want to make these payouts lower, or you may not want to do it at all.

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask how convenient this is. That the "Longvity Ordinance" comes back out again right before an election year!

Longvity pay is considered a perk!