Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Would you spend $93,000-$115,000 For this home?

CHDO again has left the Citizens of New Albany with more questions than answers. Is this project a waste of public money? We think so. But now we have even more questions after taking a ride over on Linden Meadows.

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask:

1. Why is CHDO and the City continuing to work on houses in Linden Meadows with two lawsuits pending?

2. Where are they getting the money to pave the road? Who did the paving? Who did the concrete curbs? Who received the lowest bid to work on these houses? Doesn't the public have a right to know since it is taxpayers money...city, state or federal?

3. Why hasn't anyone been upset when Adam Dickey and John Miller didn't tell the truth at the Sewer Board back in February when they said that the case had not been appealed? When in fact, it was in the process of being done?

4. Why hasn't the Sewer Board, the Planning Commission, or City Council put a stop to spending taxpayers money on Linden Meadows until the lawsuit is completed?

5. Why are the Linden Meadows houses listed on the Multiple Listing Site when John Miller stated various times publicly that there were "250 people on a waiting list" to buy these houses? Where did these 250 families go? Was John not telling the truth?

6. Who stated that these houses are not in a flood plan? Is it not an arm of the city that makes that determination? Sounds like conflict of interest, wouldn't you say?

7. By law, how can these houses be advertised for sale and CHDO not inform potential buyers that there is a lawsuit pending? Are local banks being made aware of this? National City Bank stated to us that they would NOT give anyone a loan under those circumstances. If the city and CHDO are so concerned about low income home buyers, wouldn't you think they would be concerned enough to inform potential homebuyers about the lawsuits?

Freedom Of Speech thinks how hypocritical that CHDO list the Linden Meadows houses as being next to a "Community Park"! There is no park. Yet, the folks in and around the area were chided for stating that they enjoyed having a park in the area and it increased home values. Obviously stating that the homes are near a (non existent) park is an attempt to make the houses more desirable. Gosh, imagine that!!!The hypocrisy is deafening.

We also highly recommend that Mr. Baylor, Mr. Wimp and Mr. Ted Fullmore purchase one of these properties since you all feel it is such a great investment.

Find us a low income family and show them how easy it is to buy one of these homes.

With all the homes for sale in New Albany would you be "dumb enough" to purchase this home at this price?

So now you have to ask yourself what's in it for John Miller?