Thursday, October 08, 2015


We are concerned about a comment made by a candidate for City Council.

At a recent Democrat gathering he was overheard telling  potential voters and we Quote: Candidate Matt Nash stated, that the people should serve local government rather than local government serve the taxpayer.

 And,  he went on to say: Anyone, who (does) not like Mr. Mayor's bonds backed up by TIF's should consider moving or not come to New Albany to live. He doesn't need them or want people to question how he does business....

We at Freedom Of Speech, feel we have paid more than our fair share of taxes and other fees. 

We greatly resent  candidate Matt Nash's statement. 

We are also amazed how the Democrat Party could rig the caucus to replace Matt Nash over Councilwoman Diane Benedetti, that's one for the history books of local political hog wash 

Is it true, all of this, and a bi-polar, domestic abuse individual be supported by the democrat party?  Who are all these clowns?  Seems like a circus of nut balls and not an election of integrity.  

If you ask the questions who and why?  We are going to call Dr. Suess and see if he knows.  

Do we really want a person like Matt Nash representing us taxpayers on Council?