Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Everyday we recieve e mails on candidates, elected, officials, city employees and businesses, so we wanted to share with our readers a complaint recieved.

Dear Freedom of Speech,
Over the past ten years we have had first our wedding and all our anniversaries at bed and breakfasts, so we are pretty used to what to expect.   We stayed recently at the Admiral Bickknell Inn late this summer and feel completely mislead by the information on the internet.  The photos in no way reflect the decor or condition of the b and b.  It was a mess.  Children everywhere, not romantic or peaceful. We learned new owners had taken over this year which explains why the reiews were  so misleading. If you want to trip over Barbie dolls and shoes with wet towels hanging about, you might as well stay home.  

Freedom of Speech would like to say:  You are correct.  It is under new ownership and we don't think the 3.9 million dollar street improvement is going to help this business.   Just wondering, too, did the Hysterical Society approve the crazy blue shutters?   You can't fix color blind.