Sunday, October 25, 2015


Is  operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed, according to Wikipedia.  It guides an organization's decisions and policies on the disclosure of information to its employees and the public.  

Examples of lack of Transparency with our current mayor and his administration follow:

1.  What sort of mayor does not show up for a debate when there is an election on the horizon?  

2.  When the city council is supposed to approve a budget, why do they not get that paperwork until the meeting for the vote?

3.  When the new swimming complex was to be built, and DLGF director says not to use TIF bonds to pay for such a thing, why then did that happen anyway?   Bonds being backed by property taxes.  One should care when this is not the only bond.   130 million dollars in bond debt.
And to add insult to injury, there isn't enough parking by any stretch.  Zoning isn't even aware of the under the table tax payer money being spent on "alternative" parking in peoples yards to the tune of $500 a month.  If you live over there and people are parking in your yard, be sure to go downtown and demand your $500.

4.  Why are we paying a whopping salary to the city attorney and THEN billable hours, which are hard to account for, such that nobody really has a clue where what a lump of taxpayer dollars that even is? 
5.  In the past, finding reports of police officers committing crimes has been impossible, breaking and entering, assault......threats, not to mention their ghost employment, working elsewhere and collecting undue comp time.   Quite ridiculous.  

6.  Is transparency when the mayor denies a formal chief of police to testify against the department?  Is transparency when the a video of a chief is denied to be used as evidence? 

What is all this hiding all about?  Things that lurk and hide, vampires, viruses, cancer.  None of it is good.  

SHAME.  SHAME.  SHAME on you Jeff Gahan.  

Taxpayers, govern yourselves accordingly at the next election.   This is NOT the change we voted for in 2012.