Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Have you ever heard of Prichard, Alabama?

The City of Prichard had NO money to award overtime or make more hires and did it anyway. Their mayor spent tax dollars like a drunken sailor, their controller kept poor records and the city council passed pretty much what ever the mayor wanted. The Mayor also encouraged public safety employees to bank compensatory time, sick time and vacation time.

"Mayor Ron Davis and members of the City Council say they were saddled with a plan that was doomed long before they took office. (Does this sound familiar?) They even imply that some public safety workers "juiced the system" while still working in order to ensure a better retirement for themselves as reported by Robert McClendon, Press-Register."

To make a long story short, in 2003, an auditor caution Pritchard, Alabama that the town would run out of money by 2009. Did the mayor and the council members sell city assets and cut corners?

Nope! Six years later, exactly as predicted, Pritchard ran out of money. For the last two years city public service employees have not received NOT one pension check.

Why are we sharing this with you?

Have you read the 2010 State Board of Account Audit or the News and Tribune dated July 8, 2011?

City Controller Kay Garry said "spending in the fire, police and emergency communications department accounted for 78 percent of the annual general fund budget by her last calculation."

Which is it Mrs. Garry?

How about telling the newspaper and the taxpayers the truth.

No wonder the State Board of Accounts could not Audit 9 of the City's Accounts out of 20!

It is our opinion that if you are controller you should be handing out these figures to each and every last one of our 9 council members.

How many times have you sat through a council meeting and Mrs. Garry stated: "let me get back to you on that dollar amount or that information!"

This woman has been city controller through several administrations. She should know this information like she knows her own social security number.

Well, Mrs. Garry, Freedom Of Speech caught you in another BIG-FAT lie.
Yes, we are calling you a liar, Mrs. Garry!

You do the math, taxpayers, like we did...

For the Fiscal Year Ending 2010
(CTAR-2) Annual Financial Report:

Fire Department.....$7,805,238.81

Police Department..$6,481,073.57


How did you "ever" come up with the 78% of our General Fund, Bull-Shit, Mrs. Garry?

Yes, we are very much aware both city and county will be paying equal part for the Communications Department in the future.

Freedom Of Speech would like to share with you the taxpayer what the Police and Fire Department salary's, health care, longevity, perfs and their pensions cost you in 2010:

Police Dept. Salaries......$6,481,073.57

Police Pensions.............$1,804,791.06

Fire Dept. Salaries.........$7,805,238.81

Fire Pensions................$2,158,130.70

Source: (CTAR-2) Annual Financial Report, furnished to us by DLGF, Department of Local Government

In the News and Tribune dated February 18, 2011 it states: The 2010 budget was also "about $15.8 million", yet the city incurred about a $1.8 shortfall.


* In 2010 our Council approved $500,000 for the NAPD and the money disappeared

(Where's the money, Doug?)


During 2010, a temporary transfer of $500,000 was made from the TIF Grantline Fund to the General Fund for cash flow purposes without an ordinance or resolution being approved by the common council.

Source: see page 31 of the 2010 Audit

Our final thoughts: Mayor England stated in a recent News and Tribune article, it's time to move on and put this behind us!

Our city is in a big financial mess, thanks to Mayor England for all of his mismanaging of our tax dollars. He's not only mismanaged our tax dollars he has committed "malfeasance", he's lied to our city council, he's lied to you the taxpayers, and he's TIF and expanded TIF's to the point we are headed towards bankruptcy just like Prichard, Alabama and other cities.

If you don't believe us read the 2010 Audit, then do the math. There are 16 departments paid from our General Fund. If those 3 departments are costing $14,081,215.39, with a approved budget of about $15.8 million and the England administration and the controller knows you can not use TIF Funds for salaries, or borrow money from one fund to another fund without council approval, our city is doomed!

The last 3 years, 6 months and 19 days has been nothing more than a shell game England has played so he can keep spending money we don't have.

Do you taxpayers really want Doug England sitting on our council in 2012?

We need a "forensic audit" done...NOW!