Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Instead of figuring out how high or whether or not to raise the debt limit, they all need to be in a room figuring out what they can cut in spending to prevent the necessity of raising the debt threshold!

This is the time and place to be frugal.

To continue reckless spending on credit as we have done for years is NOT working. If that means that we shut down the Department of Energy, Hud, Education, Agriculture, lay off federal employees, then do it. Cut government to the bone and then, and only then talk about adding to the debt.

There is simply to much waste and fraud to claim we must increase the debt limit.

Our final thoughts:

Obama's solution is: "eat your PEAS American! " We say: stand strong and call his bluff. Just remember Republicans and Democrats all Obama gives a damn about is getting reelected!

What Americans need is jobs, jobs and more jobs.

So, how's that Hope & Change working for you?

"Don't blame us, we voted for Hillary Clinton!"