Saturday, May 21, 2011


To date, the US Department of Health and Human Services has granted health care law exemptions to more than three million worker covered by more than 1,300 unions.

Evidently Nancy Pelosi has been reading "Animal Farm." She thinks all people should have equal access to health care, but some people are more equal than others.

The Democrats have already compromised Medicare when they secretly passed at the stroke of midnight Christmas Eve Obamacare. Directly cutting 500 Billion (giving it to people that have paid in nothing or very little), creating boards to decide what gets covered and what doesn't and reducing the amount of reimbursement to providers of Medicare. Guaranteeing NO medical provider will accept medicare patients.

It is past time for Congress to get off their sorry butts and give us all a waiver from Obamacare. And it is high time for the impeachment proceedings to start.

We wonder if we can get resignations from Pelosi, Reid at the same time we impeach the Campaigner in Chief for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Obama's attitude reveals the same spirit of lawlessness and contempt for boundaries, his attitudes are precisely why our forefathers wrote the Constitution in the first place!