Thursday, May 19, 2011

$4.00 A GALLON!

Steadily rising gas prices are causing some financial strain for the City of New Albany's budget.

With AAA reporting that the average gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Indiana has hit over $4.00 gallon. Fuel expenses are some of the fastest-growing costs in addition to health insurance.

Proponents of the take-home-car program believe it cuts down on crime and increases the safety of citizens because of higher police visibility.

We don't agree!

First, If you work for the city you should live in the city. Let all municipal employees pay for their own gas.

Second, Our local NAPD does not have a written take-home car policy!

The free ride has to end we just can't afford it anymore.

Why should us as taxpayers pay for their gas and buy them new police cars, when they are running our cars all over Washington, Clark and other counties?

We have to pay for our own gas to get ourselves back and forth to work they should do the same. Use our tax dollars on an issue that needs the attention.

Park them cars boys & girls!

In 2010 the council appropriated $500,000 for new cars, hiring more police officers. Where did that money go?

Tonight's council meeting is all about building a $12,000,000 parking garage, using TIF Funds and $175,000 for 7 new police cars but what statements did we read in today's Tribune?

And we quote:

"If FEMA does not grant emergency assistance, New Albany would be responsible for more than $500,000, compared to more than $2 million if no assistance is granted."

"England states, I don't have $2.1 million laying around."

Our final thoughts:

Why did they wait until AFTER the election to ask for more police cars instead of before? Several council member made it through the primary but they still have to face us VOTERS come November. Why do they continue to ram this new parking garage down out throats when citizens are against the financing of this project?

Have you voters forgotten how Chief Todd Bailey stood before the camera and stated "Stumler won't take our benefits away." Or, did a uniform police officer knock on your door an ask "how could you support that candidate, when they want to take our benefits and make us park our cars."

How about the council grow a spine and put taxpayers needs before the mayors wants.