Sunday, November 15, 2009


Senate Joint Resolution 1 must pass the Indiana House next year so "We The People" can vote statewide on November 2, 2010, to decide whether the property tax caps are included in the constitution.

SJR 1 would include the following property tax caps in the Indiana Constitution where they cannot be changed by the General Assembly or challenged in the courts:

1% of the assessed value on homestead property, 2% on other residential property and agricultural property, and 3% on other real and personal property.

Some skeptics wonder if Speaker Bauer will try to kill SJR 1 through the back door by proposing changes - if as little as one letter in one word of SJR 1 is changed, the constitutional property tax caps are effectively dead because the constitutional amendment process would have to start all over again.

Freedom Of Speech believes that Speaker Bauer will allow SJR 1 to come to the House floor "unchanged."

SJR 1 has considerable popular support, and arbitrarily keeping Hoosiers from voting on the constitutional property tax caps will harm the reelection prospects.

Contact Indiana House Speaker B. Patrick Bauer at the following numbers:
574-234-0877 to let him know that you support his Taxpayer Friendly decision to allow a House vote on the constitutional property tax caps in Senate Joint Resolution 1.