Wednesday, November 18, 2009


One thing he for SURE doesn't understand is Japanese pride.

It's a very complicated thing and is deeply rooted in the Shinto culture.

But Obama probably picked up a copy of "Japanese Culture For Dummies 101" at the airport.

* Obama's deeper bow is a sign of lower status.

* Even more shocking is how Obama is looking at the ground while the Emperor is looking at him. This is a sign of subservience.

* The third mistake is Obama touching the Emperor.

He's not just sophomoric in his "statesman" attempts, he's downright rude and boorish.

We have no real great tolerance for many of the customs that other countries have but when one travels abroad, one must make the effort and take time to read up and get smart on such things.

"Thank God, Obama didn't do his famous fist-bump!"

On another note, we bet in private the Japanese people probably laughed their asses off!