Thursday, November 05, 2009


It's unfortunate that in Virginia & New Jersey the Republican victory isn't really a Republican revitalization, but the total failure of Obama and the Democrats on every issue on the national scene.

9.8% Unemployment, corruption on every level, and enough debt and printed money to sink a fleet of aircraft carriers aren't real good news for any President and party that is in total control of the Government.

Let's hope the Republicans revitalize on a national level between now and 2010, but they do have Obama and the Democrats going for them regardless.

They seem determined, in their "elite arrogance" stemming from the corruption of total power taking the economy over the cliff, and a Jimmy Carter foreign policy of apology and appeasement will lead to disaster sooner or later.

The reason the Republicans will win elections in the future is quite simple. Barack promised them a bunch of stuff and they swallowed it; never thinking about the consequences or the plausibility of said promises.

Btw, how's that CHANGE workin out for you?

The ever escalating battle between the GOP hierarchy and the conservative movement energized by Obama's abundant spending spree can chalk up battle one to the "Tea Parties/ Town Hall attendees and the March On Washington, aka, new conservative movement."

The mainstream media missed the whole message given by tea party's, and town hall attendees all across the country this year. And the message was, " the hell with both parties." It was NOT a Republican movement as they would like you to believe.

It was a reduce spending, NO to Obamacare, Crap & Tax, and give US back our freedom movement!

It's becoming increasingly clear, that voters all across the country are disenchanted with the two major parties positioning themselves in what they think are strategic rather than principled ideas.

Hopefully, Tuesday's elections will send a "loud message" to GOP that conservatives aren't going to support liberal Republicans just because they aren't democrats!

We'd be joyous that Obama and the Democrats are so determined to sink themselves, but unfortunately the rest of the country will be sucking in water with them!