Sunday, August 09, 2009


Some of you may be aware that the White House has put up a site which talks a bit about campaigns to spread "disinformation" about health care reform.

The most alarming aspect of this ominous situation is that the government is now openly advocating "self censorship" through intimidation tatics.

As soon as we viewed the White House posting of the video rebuttal to the Drudge Report quotation clip - we saw our duty as an American and we did it.

They wanted to know who was spreading crazy, false and fishy statements about the Health Insurance Bill:

So we told 'em, by Jeezus!

We used that there very same e-mail address under the old blond lady's video message box.

[My GOD she's lookin' tough since her reportin' days. Y'uh think, maybe she had an industrial accident at the plastic surgeon's office, like Nancy Pelosi?]

Anyway that's what we did. We put our heads together with our staff members. Yep - we did send that snitchin' e-mail.

Why? I'll tell y'uh why!

My Great Grandfather taught me, he said, "Yuh know - when some weasel ask you to snitch on your friends - you just go right ahead and do it, dammit. Especially if there's a bounty involved - and make sure you check to see if there is one first.

"If y'uh gonna sell someone down the river to the weasels, you oughtta make something on the deal. Right?" Yup. That's what he said.

Forty years later, we had that very same discussion.

An' he went on:

"Y'uh see, Master Erik, he said, them weasels who'll ask you to turn in your friends are a very rare species and you know we've gotta protect those rare and endangered species - "specially them weasels."

And his last words on the topic were "Erik - the world needs weasels, but you can't always get new friends." So, snitch on the weasels, and not on your friends!

Words to live by, don't y'uh think?

So we snitched at:

We cut loose with everything we knew. [Believe us, we know a lot!] If we'd known where the "missiles" were, We'd told 'em that too!

We was discrete, we didn't use names, but gave addresses.

But we did tell them virtually all the misinformation we was hearing could be traced back to an address we had been able to determine as: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, D.C.

[Yes - we do have a name of the guy whose lyin' like a rug.]

But we just can't go that far an' tell y'all.

We thought we'd done our duty by at least taking our time to find out the Dude's address and believe us...locating his home ain't easy.

That sob doesn't seem to sleep in the same bed two nights in a row. We went thru' hell finding where he permanently hangs his hat.

This guy hops on more beds than a prosti-toad.

Anyway, we trace him an' one night he's in Chicago, another night in New York, Paris, London, Cairo, Washington and then we got nailed with my brother-in-law. He says "Pennsylvania Avenue ain't even permanent. Didn't you know?"

He says, that sob isn't even a natural Citizens of the United States.

Any of you who haven't got the guts to snitch - shame on you!

You know where the lies is comin' from. Come on - you know just like we know. We bet he's told you the same bullshit in a big speech on TV.

What about Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd and good ole' Baron Hill of Indiana.

For those five, democracy appears to be a distraction.

So - all right maybe it's not that big a secret.

But the crazy and fishy lies is comin' from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., 223 Cannon House Office Bld. and 131 Russell Senate Office Building in Washington.

We just wasn't afraid to write it and e-mail it to them.

Loyal Patriots of the
United States of America

footnote: What does the Constitution say about Obama's snitch gate?

According to 5 U.S.C.552a, United States agencies, including the Executive Office of the President shall, "maintain no record describing how any individual exercises rights guaranteed by the First Amendment unless expressly authorized by statute or by the individual about whom the record is maintained or unless pertinent to and within the scope of an authorized law enforcement activity."

So the snitch list appears to be unlawful. That is, until Obama "abolishes the 1st Amendment!"