Wednesday, August 26, 2009


10% unemployment, and the rest of us with jobs working 50, 60, 70, 80 hours a week, NO raises, NO more 401k match.

Ahhhh...but it feels good to know our tax dollars are paying for Obama to frolick on vacation.

While Obama is there, he should go to Chappaquiddick with Ted [but don't let Teddy drive!].

Anything can happen...

Mark Foley could show up, then there's that bridge to nowhere that Teddy discovered!

Obama leaves town and Holder goes to town - let's see we're now establishing Obama KGB and we're going to release all the files we can find on the CIA. But why do we need the CIA or the FBI for that matter when his Royal CZAR in Chief now has his own personal KGB?

It's almost like Obama is trying to distance himself from the vindictive leaks, smears, threats or lawsuits, intimidation, undermining of national security.

Well, it ain't working, we're onto your tactics.

Maybe with all his free time he ought to read his health care bill instead of novels, and after he reads it, sit down for about four days with 6 or 7 lawyers, so they can explain it "to him" and "to us" without any spin.

Yep, just regular folks those Obama's.

Don't know to many regulars who vacation at Martha's Vineyard. But, [The Hampton's might be a whole different story!] Glad to see he is relaxing as he is in for one heck of a bad ride the remainder of the year. Can't wait until they bring back the illegal immigrant amnesty bill.

If Obama thinks Healthcare reform fired up the mobs, wait until they try to legalize 12 million law breakers.

We wonder what Stinky's handicap is?

Maybe when Obama gets back from vacation he can get Frank Lay and Robert Freeman, pardoned for saying "a little prayer before eating!"

Obama quoted scripture last week so surely he will be sympathetic to Frank and Robert's cause.

So, President Obama, thank you for destroying our economy in only 7 months with the bogus 876 billion dollar stimulus plan. Thanks for your 3 trillion dollar healthcare plan. Thanks for your Crap and Tax bill that will destroy the entire coal industry and cause electric utility costs to "sky rocket" as you once said.

But hey, take another vacation while middle class Americans worry when you will start to tax us to death to pay your idiotic wealth redistribution plans!

So have a great vacation, President Obama, you will be seeing all of us in Washington D.C. on September 12, 2009, for the March on Washington!