Thursday, January 08, 2009


Our local, state and federal governments need to be smaller and more effective. not larger and less efficient. As we've argued before and will argue again big government isn't just expensive and inefficient; it's corrupting.

Like we said, big government breeds big corruption.

The four things to look for in the stimulus package:

1. How does it affect small businesses and the self-employed?

2. How are entrepreneurial start-ups supported and encouraged?

3. Does the plan maximize the rate of investment in U.S. companies?

4. Does the package encourage growth in productivity?

Will democrats honor "No Earmarks Pledge?"

The biggest boost the economy could get would be a cut to the corporate tax.

We have the second-highest by some accounts, the highest after certain considerations) corporate tax rates on earth.

Make no mistake, their is nothing "progressive" about corporate taxes. They hurt the consumer, they hurt the employee, and they kill businesses of EVERY kind.

Now, that stimulus crap, on the other hand, if Federal spending was good for the economy we would be in the biggest boom of all time.

A tax credit, given to those who pay little or no tax is not a tax cut. Especially when the so-called cut is included in a bill that will increase spending somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 Trillion dollars. It would be more appropriate to call it a one time welfare check.

A cynical person might even call it quid pro quo for votes already cast.

A true tax cut consists of legislation, which would decrease the individual and corporate tax percentage with the force of law. This would provide a stable platform for the economy to rebuild.

Printing money is NO way to cut taxes. It is an underhanded way to fool people. Smart people will not be fooled, and the tax cut that is NO tax cut, will go nowhere!

Like we said, big government breeds big corruption!