Friday, January 30, 2009


For the first time, abortion would become an entitlement the government must fund and promote. Citizens would lose the freedom they now have to enact even modest regulation of the abortion industry.

FOCA would:

* Eliminate regulations that protect women from unsafe clinics and unscrupulous abortionists

* Force American taxpayers to fund abortions

* Force every state to allow partial-birth abortions- it's sponsors have said a primary purpose of the bill is to ensure that killing partially born children will again be permitted nationwide

* Run roughshod over the conscience rights of physicians, nurses and hospitals that oppose abortion on religious, moral or ethical grounds

* Strip parents of their right and responsibility to be involved in their right and responsibility to be involved in their minor daughter's abortion decision.

Freedom Of Speech believes FOCA [Freedom of Choice Act] is without doubt the most radical abortion legislation ever considered in the United States!

Abortion supporters have been trying to pass FOCA since 1989 and now we have a Congress more disposed than any in recent years to pass the bill, and a new President who has said he will sign the measure into law.

Your voice is needed more than ever!

At this time of serious national challenges, Americans should unite to serve the good of all, born and unborn, not single out the most defenseless human beings for an expanded attack on their lives.

What our readers can do:

Make a phone call: U.S. Capital switchboard: 202-234-3121 ask for the offices of your Representative Baron Hill and two senators, Richard Lugar and Evan Bath.

Baron Hill's Washington Office at: 202-225-5315
Jeffersonville office at: 812-288-3999
Fax: 281-288-3873
Toll free at: 1-866-440-1321

Richard Lugar's Washington office at: 202-224-4814, fax: 202-228-0360

Evan Bayh's Washington office at: 202-224-5623, fax: 202-228-1377
Jeffersonville office at: 812-218-2317
Fax: 812-218-2370

Please urge your federal elected officials to oppose FOCA or any similar measures, and to retain laws against the federal funding and promotion of abortion.