Wednesday, February 06, 2008


"On Super Tuesday, millions of Americans had the opportunity to have their voices heard. From a faltering economy to the many challenges we face abroad, Americans are ready for a president who will deliver the real solutions we need."

Delegate count - the leaders so far:


Clinton - 845

Obama - 765


McCain - 613

Romney - 269

Huckabee - 190

Source: C-SPAN

John McCain isn't home free yet. McCain's victory celebration was tempered a bit by warning signs that he has yet to win over Republican partisans and the party's most conservative voters many of whom remain suspicious of his maverick past on such issues as taxes and immigration. And he could face a bitter endgame with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney as conservative critics scramble to deny the Arizona senator the presidential nomination.

"He's trying to sell himself as a real conservative" in this race but he's really depending on the votes of moderates. If he continues this pattern and manages to win the nomination, we think it's trouble for him down the road with uniting the republican party.

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton put the brakes on surging rival Barack Obama in a coast-to-coast Super Tuesday struggle, each emerging with enough wins and delegates to continue their historic quest to become the first female or black nominee of a major party.

Obama, the Illinois senator, swept into the contests on record fundrising, heavy advertising and a parade of celebrrity endorsements, wiping out double-digit national and state polling leads long held by the New York senator and former first lady. But Clinton was lifted by voters concern about the economy and continued strong support from women and Hispanics.

On a night with 22 states in play, Clinton notched a prized victory in California as well as wins in Oklahoma, Tennessee, New Jersey, Arizona, her New York home and her former home of Arkansas. In what her campaign called the "upset of the night," she also won Massachusetts, despite Kerry and a massing of Kennedy family support behind Obama.

Source: MSNBC News, C-SPAN, Fox News, and CNN News

Freedom Of Speech would like to say too often women are over looked as great leaders, but remember only a strong woman can handle the pressures she has had to endure. What other nominee has had dozens of websites dedicated to defacing their person and their record? Bringing in allies is her strategy for defeating terrorism and providing security to all Americans home and abroad. Hillary knows how to fix health care and she is dedicated to solving our problems.

Hillary = Solutions

Several news media states Mr. Obama is the 'only candidate' who can bring about CHANGE. No, not the only candidate but we can say Hillary is the only candidate with the experience to pick up the reins and run them because she has the experience to know what to expect & how to go at it. We continue to be amazed at this woman's brillance. She is very, very good at answering questions on the fly. No matter what the subject matter is, Hillary has an answer right then. She doesn't stutter, hesitate or have to think about it. And her answers are detailed, concise and to the point.

But most of all Hillary has the "fire in the belly" desire to win!

We believe Hillary will truly be the "people's President."