Sunday, February 03, 2008


Every day we see more signs of incompetence and fraud in our city government.

What is fraud?

The dictionary says:

"A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain."

On Dec. 31, 2007, Garner's last day in office, he said in a letter to William C. Cochran, Special Assistant to IUS Chancellor, Sandra Patterson-Randles, that the charges would be $156,688 for the sewer tap ins plus a drainage fee of $10,950 and $5 for an inspection, a total of $167,643.

That is almost $58,000 less than the $225,455 that the city had originally said the university would have to pay.

1/30/08 CJ - Despite the reduction, Cochran, who is also our Democratic State Representative, has been talking to city officials about further lowering the charge. IUS has said it "DOES NOT HAVE FUNDS BUDGETED" to pay the fee.

Freedom of Speech was informed that State Representative Cochran is a special assistant with a salary of about $78,000 a year.

So we ask, "Whose interest is Cochran looking out for?"

IUS that pays him a salary or the citizens of New Albany who elected him?

Our sources tell us that before the end of 2007 Cochran approached Sewer Board members and ask them to cut IUS a deal and reduce tap in fees. They said "NO" if we do it for one we have to do it for all.

We have also been told that Sister Barbara of Providence House for Children ask the same Sewer Board for reduction of tap in fees and was told, " NO" if we do it for one we have to do it for all.

The previous sewer board was counting on these fees for upcoming 2008 city sewer repairs.

Was Councilman Coffey pushing to set up this new 3 member Sewer Board to be able to give perks to all their friends?

Freedom Of Speech would like to know why should IUS get a reduction in sewer tap in fees and why are they so special? Why would any university who is building around 400 dorms not put funds in their budget to afford paying these tap in fees?

How many Outhouses are they going to need for 400 dorms now?

The New Albany Sewer Board agreed Tuesday to waive tap in fees for two new houses in a show of support for affordable living. A unanimous vote by the board eliminated the $1,650 sewer tap in fee on two homes recently built by New Albany Community Housing. (CHDO) Deputy Mayor Carl Malysz said the city has encouraged development of housing for low-to-moderate level income families, and waiving the fee is a way to help.

Freedom of Speech would like to know Deputy Mayor Malysz why would you eliminate the $1,650 tap in fee for CHDO low income families, what about all the other low-to-moderate income families of New Albany?

Why is Deputy Mayor Malysz focusing only on Non Profit Organizations and not residential sewer rate payers? Will you Deputy Mayor Malysz be waiving tap in fees for all Non-Profit Groups?

All the deals being cut are not costing CHDO and IUS, but rate payers like you and us property owners. This is part of the reason our property taxes are going up because this new adminstration doesn't "give a damn" about the rest of us!

Yes we know...we didn't vote for him either and this is why!

They are looking out for their cronies and those 64% of campaign favors they have to pay back.

The hand writing is on the wall property owners.

Our sewer bills are going to be going up at least $2.00 more a month because there is "no money" for additional sewer repairs and there is "NO accountability in our" local government...

Why should residents have to pay and let Non-Profit Organizations like CHDO and IUS get a free ride?

Contact Mayor Douglas B. England and ask him why at:
Office: (812) 948-5333
Cell phone: 502-523-5726
Home : (812) 944-1982

Make him earn that $11,000 raise...

And you Sir...Dougie, could your administration be described as bungling and incompetant? When and where will your administration get the money to fix our sewers and sewer problems on 15th Street?

Maybe Mayor England has not read his letter from the Indiana Department of Local Government asking all counties to use 2007 budgets until the 2008 budgets can be approved.

Freedom Of Speech would like to also say we elected Mr. Cochran to the legislature. Let us remind him that the taxpayers are suffering from property tax increases and many people can not afford to keep their homes.

Senior citizens and middle class citizens are suffering because of high property taxes and high sewer bills!

Do your homework boys!