Friday, February 08, 2008


Article I, Section 22, of the Indiana Constitution forbids the seizure and sales of homes for payment of taxes. Article 8 taxes only corporate property, not personal property, for public schools. Actually, most of what Indiana government now does is clearly forbidden by both the Indiana and federal constitutions our politicians swear to uphold and defend.

So the bottom line is that we've worried enough about the methods and degrees of taxation. It's time to wonder why we pay any taxes at all to our lawbreaking lawmakers and some elected officials!

Our money goes to developers, engineers, and attorneys yet we have to pay extra for our day in court.

Our police don't investigate property crimes much anymore, yet they have time for speed traps and road blocks.

The problem is that our local government is ungoverned. We must either demand that local elected officials and council members obey written laws as written.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

For the record, while we and others strongly support the repeal of property taxes, not all of us believe that it will, BY ITSELF, solve everything. It is simply the first of many neccessary steps to restore public faith in fair taxation.