Thursday, May 31, 2007


Travel Claims

In some instances employees were reimbursed for travel expenses without orginal receipts being attached to the claim.

Supporting documentation such as receipts, cancelled checks, tickets, invoices, bills, contracts, and other public records must be availiable for audit to provide supporting information for the validity and accountability of monies disbursed.

Source: 2006 Annual Financial Report
City of New Albany

Payments without supporting documentation may be the personal obligation of the responsible officials or employee.

Source: Accounting and Uniform Compliance Guidelines Manual for Cities and Towns, Chapter 7.

An update:

Based on Freedom of Speech's research, and the monthly financial reports of 2006, Mayor Garner never was in Indianapolis to save the $23 million dollar Greenway Project as he stated.

Our information shows our mayor was only there to pick up the check and again try to take all the credit from citizen advocate and Greenway Board Member Valla Ann Bolovchak.

Thank god...for gas receipts.

Source: 2006 Monthly Financial Report

Freedom of Speech would like to say, since the Board of Works approves these claims. "And we all know they don't even look at them", not only should the officials or employee be accountable, so should the Board of Works members be held responsible.

Freedom of Speech also feels it is time for the Board of Works to relinquish their authority in approving any and all claims...

It is what it is... New Albany taxpayers!

A special footnote: We would also like to THANK Roger Baylor of NA Confidential for being a regular visitor and reader of Freedom of Speech.

This tells us, we are making a difference in New Albany!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


State Board of Accounts
2006 Annual Financial Report
City of New Albany

"Sewage Disposal, Sanitation, and Storm water Charges."

These are the Facts: The City has ordinances G-06-29, A-01-47, G-06-21, and G-80-840, setting the rates to be charged for sewage disposal, sanitation charges, storm water charges and penalities for late payments, respectively. We noted the following exceptions as they pertain to the accounts maintained by IAWC (IAWC accounts) and accounts maintained by the Utility (in-house accounts)

Billing - (Page 46-2006 Audit)

Sewage Disposal Charges:

1. Some customers that should be billed for sewage disposal are not being billed (IAWC accounts).

2. Some customers are being charged more than the approved rates (in-house accounts).

3. A 10% late penality was not always assessed (in-house accounts).

Sanitation Charges:

1. Some commercial customers are being charged less than the approved commercial rates (IAWC accounts)

2. Some churches are being billed more than the approved rates established for churches (IAWC accounts).

3. Some customers that are required to be billed for sanitation are not being billed (IAWC accounts).

Storm Water Charges:

1. Some customers that are required to be billed for storm water are not being billed (IAWC accounts).

2. A 10% late penality is not being assessed (IAWC accounts).

3. A 10% late penality was not always assessed (in-house accounts).

Since 1998, the Wastewater Utility has contracted with Indiana American Water, Inc, (IAWC) to perform the billings and collections of all the Utility's sewage and sanitation charges. IAWC also began billings and collections of all city "residential" storm water charges which were implemented in 2006.

Starting January 1, 2006, the Utility (in-house accounts), took over billings and collections of all sewage and sanitation accounts in the Route 22 area (approximately 3000 accounts) which had been previously handled by IAWC. The Utility (in-house accounts) also began billings and collections for the city's "commercial" storm water charges which were implemented in 2006.

Source: 2006 Annual Financial Report Audit

Freedom of Speech would like to say, New Albany taxpayers are funding a Billing Collection office and staff.

The new so called in-house accounts billing office has spent about $800,000.00 of taxpayers monies for staff, equipment, software and just recently hired more staff!

Why are the problems listed by the 2006 audit not being corrected?

So we ask you, what's wrong with this picture taxpayers?

Why should Indiana Water Company be paid to bill some of us, and the new In-house Billing Department bill others?

Why waste over $800,000.00 of our tax dollars?

But there is more...

Delinquent Wastewater Accounts

"As of December 31, 2006, Delinquent Wastewater Fees (Sewer Bills) and penalties totaling $472,654.00 had not been recorded with the County Recorder nor were they certified to the County Auditor which would result in a lien against the property."

The City of New Albany has been told of this Delinquent Sewer Bill problem in the City Audits of:

1999 - Mayor England
2000 - Mayor Overton
2001 - Mayor Overton
2002 - Mayor Overton
2003 - Mayor Overton
2004 - Mayor Garner
2005 - Mayor Garner

And again - Now in 2006!

Since 2005 there is about $2.3 million dollars of uncollected sewer bills on the city books.

We pay our monthly sewer, sanitation, and stormwater bill do you?

And now we wonder why our sewer bills keep going up?

Get ready taxpayers, there is another sewer rate increase in the making!

Freedom of Speech feels we have an "Unfair Billing System" in New Albany!

Will these unfair billing fees open the city up to new lawsuits if they bill some property owners and let others not pay?

Why should we have to pay the monthly $3.17 fee when they don't have a way to bill owners of vacant property?

Why doesn't the Sewer Staff in the Mayor's Office concentrate on collecting "Delinquent Sewer and Garbage Bills" instead of considering raising our sewer rates on us who pay our bills?

It has been repeated that the new Stormwater Fee would be more fair and equal if they placed this fee on the property tax bill. Why won't the Mayor and the Sewer Board agree to this method? By doing this, all property owners would be billed.

Freedom of Speech recommends you go to click Sewer Board minutes dated 9-20-05, see pages 3 and 4 for the discussion about the cost of bringing Sewer billing back to New Albany with more equipment and more staff. "What a waste" of $800,000 of taxpayer's money!

"Boy, were we duped. The more I learn, the more I realize it was about greed. There is no free lunch, and everyone knows it."

~Susan Hitchcock~

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Freedom of Speech finds it very interesting that newly announced Republican Candidate for 3rd District,

Brenda Jean Scharlow declared herself a democrat in 2002, 2003 and 2007.

In 1999, 2000 and 2006 declared herself a Republican.

Which party has your loyalty now?

And will the 3rd District take you serious as a candidate?

Could the Porn Shop on Main St. affect your race?

In May of 1999 you ran for Mayor on the Republican ballot against Regina Overton.

In May of 1999, the results were:

Overton - 1154

Scharlow - 456

We look forward to review your list of qualifications for this Council position.

Freedom of Speech would like to know how many City Council meetings you have attended in the last 3 years?

And is your political philosophy still the same, "You have to spend money to make money?"

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Employee Payroll Records - Service and Time Records

State Board Of Accounts
2006 - Annual Financial Report
City of New Albany

During the review of payroll records we noted that bi-weekly payments were made to a part-time employee without TIME and ATTENDANCE RECORDS being presented prior to payment.

Time and attendance records for the PAYROLL periods covering May 22, 2006 through December 29, 2006, were not submitted to officials for their review UNTIL December 28, 2006.

Additionally, we noted that the corresponding payroll claims were certified by the responsible official attesting that they had examined the time records for this employee prior to payments being made when in fact they "HAD NOT BEEN" presented for their review.

Officials and employees are required to use State Board of Accounts prescribed or approved forms in the manner prescribed.

Source: Annual Financial Report 2006-State Board Of Accounts- (Page 43)

Freedom of Speech would like to ask:

Who hired this part-time employee?

What Department?

Who was the official who said that he had reviewed the time records?

Is this responsible official still approving payroll records?

It is my belief, that when the citizens become more involved in their local government, government becomes more accountable to the people!

Valla Ann Bolovschak
~Citizens' Advocate~

Sunday, May 20, 2007


First of all, after reading friday's May 18, 2007 edition of The Tribune article, "Audit sparks squabble" Resident cites missteps; officials say context missing...

Freedom of Speech has now came to the conclusion it's time for the citizens to "Wake up and smell the coffee!!" The New Albany Tribune deserves an award for being a One sided local news paper that will only print what the current adminstration wants printed.

We would like to ask "reporter" Eric Scott Campbell whatever happened to being unbiased and getting to the truth or staying neutral?

It is our opinion, Mr. Campbell your failure to produce complete, accurate and balanced coverage of the State Board of Account 2006 Audit which is a disservice to your readers who depend on the newspaper to print all the facts.

And you Sir, Mr. Campbell have done a greater disservice to Valla Ann Bolovschak a successful business owner, a citizens advocate and taxpayer of New Albany.

Ms. Bolovschak took her time and her courage to bring the 2006 State Audit Report to the council, who were NOT aware of the facts in this report.

Beside that, not all of us can be Garner, beneficiary of the adoration of the local newspaper, when in fact he probably has trouble tying his own shoe laces!

State Board Of Accounts
2006 Financial Report...

Right To Use Agreement - Sanitation Equipment And Facilities

"On December 13, 2005, the City entered into a contract with Clark-Floyd Landfill, LLC. & Eco Tech, LLC for the collection and disposal of residential solid waste and to recycle recyclables for the City.

The contract had a commencement date of January 1, 2006, and required the contractor to provide and maintain all equipment necessary for the collection of residential solid waste and residential recycling.

However, on the commencement date of the contract, the city actually provided to the contractor the use of City owned sanitation trucks, equipment, and the use of a City owned structure.

There was no agreement authorizing the use of the City owned property until a "Right to Use Agreement" was entered into with the contractor on May 23, 2006.

Again, after the fact!

This agreement authorized the contractor to use the City owned property in exchange for the contractor paying the City the sum of $154,700 which is to be paid in 12 equal installments of $12,891.67 beginning in May 2006.

The City did not first seek request for proposals from other contractors for the private use of the City equipment and facility or hold a public hearing prior to entering into this agreement. Minutes from the Board of Works and safety did not contain any information concerning the approval or awarding of the agreement.

Indiana Code 5-23-5-1 states: "Any public-private agreement contemplated by this chapter must require the governmental body to request proposals under this chapter before entering into the public-private agreement."

Indiana Code 5-23-5-9 states in part. "If a recommendation to award the public-private agreement is made to the board, the board shall schedule a public hearing on the recommendation and publish notice of of the hearing..."

Indiana Code 5-23-5-11 states: After the procedures required in this chapter have been completed, the board shall make a determination as to the most appropriate response to the request for proposal and may award the public-private agreement to the successful offeror or offerors.

Source: 2006 Indiana State Board of Accounts Audit Pages 45-46

Freedom of Speech and the taxpayers of New Albany would like to know:
Who, or what City Board approved the use of a city facility by a private firm to operate their private business?

Was a specific rent amount paid to the city from Jan. 1 - May 23, 2006?

How much per month?

When did the private company start paying rent?

Who was or is, paying the utilities?

Electric Bill ?
Gas Bill?
Water Bill?
Sewer Bill?
Telephone Bill?

It appears that this private garbage company got a "real deal" in New Albany.

Freedom of Speech would also like to know:
Why was this 2006 Audit Report not made public until AFTER the primary election?

footnote: Why should Valla Ann have any shame? ... She didn't steal our money!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Based on the 2006 City of New Albany Audit Results city employees owe a total of $48,111 back to the taxpayers of New Albany.

At tonight's city council meeting, private citizen Valla Ann Bolovschak stood before the citizens and council members of New Albany.

She reported the 2006 State Board of Accounts Audit with confirmation, with a 12 year Councilman from Carmel, Indiana these funds should be returned to the New Albany taxpayers of $48,111.00.

No executive order should authorize these payments "after the fact" by executive order. These illegal over payments should be paid back with interest to the citizenry in full.

And just because controller Kay Garry stated that it has been going on for 30 years, does not legitimize the abuse.

The bottom line here taxpayers is this, this illegal pay to city employees should be refunded back to the taxpayers.

Damn it, this is our hard earned money!

These are the facts: Pages 42-43 of the State Board of Account 2006 Audit

Fire Department Employees

We reviewed time and attendance records and noted that on each of the 14 scheduled "City" holidays, the Chief, the two Assistant Chiefs and the Major, reported that they did not work. Payroll records showed these employees were compensated for each of these 14 days on the applicable bi-weekly pay period even though the contract states they are only entitled to compensatory time off for 10 holidays.

Additionally when we reviewed holiday pay issued to fire department employees received cash payments equivalent to 12 holidays even though they had been compensated for 14 holidays through paid time off. The combined total of cash payments received by these 4 employees on the first pay in June and December was $23,612

These are the facts: Pages 42-43 of the State Board of Accounts 2006 Audit

Police Department Employees

We reviewed time and attendance records and noted that on each of the 14 scheduled "F.O.P." holidays the Chief, Assistant Chief and the Major, reported that they either did not work or that they worked and claimed overtime compensation for the time they did work on these days. Payroll records showed that each each of these 3 employees did receive their full bi-weekly pay during each of the holiday pay periods, and if applicable, given overtime compensation for any hours they may have worked on these holidays.

We reviewed holiday pay issued during the first pay in June and December to members covered by the contract for holidays not used. During this review, we noted that the Chief, Assistant Chief and Major each received cash payment equivalent to 14 holidays, even though they are specifically not covered under the contract, and had received compensation for these holidays through paid time off, and if applicable, with overtime compensation.

The combined total of holiday pay received on the first pay in June and December to these 3 employees totaled $24,499.

Fire Department Employees over paid - - - - - $23,612
Police Department Employees over paid - - - - $24,499
Total owed back to New Albany Taxpayers - - $48,111

Chief Harl how about you and your other 2 employees purchasing a new police car with the $24,499 you owe us taxpayers?

Too add insult to injury to us the taxpayers, let us show you how this adminstration wanted to protect these over paid employees with some sneaky political Bull-shit cover-up!...Yes we said cover-up!

These are the Facts:

On April 5, 2007, in response to the exception noted, the Mayor enacted Executive Order 2007-01 and 2007-02.

Order 2007-01, granted the Police Chief, Deputy Chief, and Major all the benefits, policies and procedures as outlined in the F.O.P. contract and outlined specific policies and procedures to be followed by these individuals concerning holiday pay.

Order 2007-02, granted the Fire Chief, and Deputy Fire Chiefs all the benefits, policies and procedures as outlined in the New Albany Professional Firefighters Union labor contract and outlined specific policies and procedures to be followed concerning holiday pay, vacation pay, personal days, and compensatory time off for these employees.

Freedom of Speech would like to ask:

If employee's were over paid, which is noted in the audit. Where is the money they owe the taxpayers of New Albany? What does the "after fact" law state?

And the sad part is our city controller stated last night "were not sure which laws we go by, city or state? Due to your lack of Indiana government 101 knowledge, state laws supersedes local laws.

Mrs. Garry the problems is not the lack of laws or regulations; the problem is the lack of will to enforce the laws. make changes and do what's right for all of us taxpayers.

These last 3 audit results makes a mockery of the process of checks and balances. And what taxpayers deserve is accountability!

Just think what we could use $48,111 for?

And Freedom of Speech would also like to say, there should be more good citizens like Valla Ann Bolovschak who is willing to bring the facts and the truth to light. Thanks to Valla Ann maybe our council members last night took under serious consideration, the facts and information she presented to them to follow Indiana State Law as we should!

There is "no shame" when dealing with the facts Mrs. Baylor!


Hey Councilman Gahan, are you setting the taxpayers up for another sewer rate increase?

Monday, May 14, 2007


Indiana municipal officials have designed a comprehensive plan to reduce property taxes, establish alternatives for financing local government, and create efficient and effective local government.

Through the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, the state's municipal officials have taken lead in devising a long-term strategy for property tax reduction.

Our hometown matters are important to the citizens of Indiana. Essential services such as public safety, a clean and safe environment, good jobs and a strong economy, and sound infrastructure are all provided by municipal government.

Hometown Matters is a plan to enable municipal officials to provide the best and most efficient municipal government possible to the citizens.

Hometown Matters:

* Reduces reliances on property taxes

* Establishes alternatives for financing local government

* Helps us foster more efficient and effective local government

Source: Office of the County Treasurer

Freedom of Speech feels action needs to be taken to enable local government to provide the services us constituents expect without property taxes escalating out of control.

With a flexible range of funding alternatives and decision making power given to our local community, the constituents will be the ultimate, arbiters of what is economically health for our city.

Notice: Rates for 2006 pay in 2007 taxes haven't been established. You may only pay an advance tax in the Treasurer's Office. The advance payment amount will then be credited toward your taxes for 2007

Darlene S. McCoy

Friday, May 11, 2007


Why did Jimmy lose the election?

Walk thru the halls of the City County Building and listen to what is being discussed.

Like any other small town, you always listen to the informal transfer of knowledge and information from your own city and county employees around the water cooler.

They are the real folks who really know what goes on in this city!

So, what was the after election Chit-Chat around our City County water cooler?

James loss because of Tony Toran! So...what will TT do for a job now?

No, he loss because he was mixed up with the progressives. Everybody in this building reads the blogs, or course only during lunch hour!

The IRS mess really hurt him!

Our office employees voted against him, because he tried to blame us for all his screw ups!

This guy couldn't run his own business!

Scribner Place!

Garner should have never played the "race" card!

James should have never pisted off the fireman, cause it cost him votes and the election! The union never supported Garner's choice of Chief Toran!

He loss, because he listen to the wrong people, and he is the worse Mayor New Albany has ever had since Chas Hunter!

After what he's done the last 3 years, we really didn't think he would run, this guy knows nothing about how to run city government!

Democratic Central Committee hurt him!

He loss, because he pisted off his own party!

Former sanitation workers took him out!

Freedom of Speech would like to thank you the City County employees for taking your time to express your thoughts and opinions.

And of course, thanks for ALL that cold Deer Park Water! As many of our readers know, our group has a preference of bottled water over KOOL-AID.

Have a great weekend

City/County employees!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


"Doomsday" for the Garner Administration!

Jimmy G. you use to work for me!

Monday, May 07, 2007


We at Freedom of Speech, have an excellent candidate we'd like to introduce you the voters to, her name is Valla Ann Bolovschak and she is running for Council At large.

One of the many things we really like about Valla Ann, is her can do attitude and her pragmatic approach to the needs of our city.

For those of you who do not know her, Valla Ann Bolovschak is the owner of the Admiral Bicknell Inn Bed and Breakfast located at 600 E. Main Street.

She is a very successful business women, citizens advocate, and she posses and exhibits strong leadership qualities. You be the judge...

About: Valla Ann

Education: Graduated Centre College with a BA in business and English having paid for every dime of her college education through hard work, student aid, scholarships and grants. She also attended two semesters at U of L and the London School of Economics in England having won scholarships to those universities.

Currently Valla Ann serves on the board of the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. She is the Treasurer here in New Albany of the Main Street Preservation Association.

Valla Ann was appointed by Governor Daniels to the Ohio River Greenway Commission a 42 million dollar project, and serves on the ORG Steering committee as well.

She also serves on the Greenway Foundation Board in Indianapolis and is a very active member of the Regional Leadership Coalition, spearheading the project of obtaining access to one or both of the roadways on the K&I Bridge as part of the Kentuckiana River Trail.

You can ask the members of any of these organizations about her commitment, and. they'll tell you, 'She has her thumb on the money and she never quits.'

Taking Action - Getting Results!

Valla Ann helped resurrect the Main Street Preservation Association, which was in defunct, and which is now very active. After reading through 8 years of MSPA minutes it was clear the community really wanted to create a quiet zone so the trains would stop blowing their horn.

Taking Action - Getting Results!

Valla Ann managed to get Norfolk Southern and INDOT to give New Albany close to half a million dollars to upgrade our Historic Corridor. Her project is in motion and the equipment is currently being installed.

In fact, it is the first time in the history of Norfolk Southern that a city was able to gain a corridor upgrade without any financial output from the city.

Taking Action - Getting Results!

Valla Ann's involvement with the Ohio River Greenway Commission put her in a place where she had a very vital role in preserving the $2.3 million dollar riverfront upgrade being constructed here in New Albany.

Taking Action - Getting Results!

For over two years, Valla Ann has been paying a professional videographer to videotape the city council meetings and was successful in getting ten of these proceedings aired on WNAS television.

Valla Ann believes the city council meetings should be televised, allowing citizens with scheduling conflicts, handicap issues or other constraints to have every opportunity to be informed regarding the issues of our community and the direction the council is taking to address these issues.

Valla Ann has attended over 90% of the city council meetings as a citizens advocate, and has worked closely with all the city council members over the last two years. She also allows our current council members to use the videotapes as a reference when they need it, generally the minutes of those meetings are incomplete or occasionally flawed.

There's more, but we think this should serve you the voters, as proof of her seriousness as a candidate for Council At Large.

A letter from Valla Ann...

Dear Voters,

Transparency in governance is the key to its success.

Tax payer dollars should remain in New Albany rather than outsourcing our utility operations to private companies. If there is money to be made in managing our utilities, the city should be the managing body.

Millions have been spent on our sewers. Due to mismanagement and wasteful spending we have little to show for it. The city council should be working hand in hand with this department to develop a structure for fulfillment and improve our service and reduce our rates.

We need a system of checks and balances to be implemented to protect our tax payers dollars, insuring accountability and integrity. For example, the city council should be approving all expenditures over $500 but are not currently doing so.

We need a fundamental review of the cost effectiveness. Our local government should step forward and combine, consolidate and improve departments in order to save money and increase efficiency.

The issue of unsafe housing must be addressed. Until or administration begins to enforce the codes and ordinances available to the governing body, we will continue to suffer conditions that reduce opportunities for economic development.

The audits completed during our current administration report millions of dollars annually in overspending and misappropriation.

Our goal as a governing body should be to look out for the citizens of New Albany and to look at the facts, not the politics.

I am a person who makes things happen and I pledge to face the problems that our city faces and solve them.

I have every confidence that when I don't know an answer, I have access to the greatest resources available to find them.

With my knowledge of federal and state grants, which our city desperately needs to function in the black, my strong and aggressive approach and commitment to what is right!

I will speak out for the good of the citizens of New Albany and represent each and everyone of you.

On a personal note, Thank you to those of you who called to encourage me to run for this council seat, and those of you who have supported me in all my endeavors.

I want to work for you if you allow me that great honor.

Taking Action - Getting Results!


Valla Ann Bolovschak
Republican Candidate
City Council at Large

"If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader."
-John Quincy

Friday, May 04, 2007


As stated in the 1st and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, to express information, ideas, and opinions free of government restrictions based on contents.

We would like to challenge the Tribune to finally have the guts to print this letter!

Who are you protecting and why? We all know the answer to that question!

Mr. Tucker you have allowed Randy Smith to state his blah, blah, thoughts and his blah, blah, opinions for what...3 days? We all know about Randy's own personal agenda.

Is this political discrimination?

Or, is the tribune refusing to print the whole truth, nothing but the truth about "Jimmy."

You be the judge!

Dear Freedom of Speech,

This is in response to Amany Ali's letter to the editor published on April 25th. I have attended the city council meetings for the last three years and consider myself somewhat in the know about this administration. I will also state that I am a Republican and do not have a favorite in the Democrat race for mayor.

I do, however, disagree with Ms. Ali on several points about Mayor Garner's leadership.

Ms. Ali marvels at Mayor Garner's composure and integrity. I, in turn, see a man who gets mad, red faced and yells at council meetings whenever he does not get his way. A case in point is the on going hiring ordinance for the Fire Dept. He became totally out of control, left the meeting and continued yelling through the rear door.

Was this composure?

He show's a lack of integrity in the way he handled his cleaning business employees social security contributions to the IRS. He got caught misappropriating $13,000 in FICA taxes which jeopardized his employees social security benefits.

Does this show integrity and honesty?

Ms. Ali states Mayor Garner straightened out the sanitation department.

The truth is that the Mayor appointed a person to head that department who was totally unqualified to run it in an effective manner. The red ink increased each year until the Mayor privatized it. The company that received the bid has several owners whom the Mayor will not identify, thereby creating an area of suspicion as to a conflict of interest. The bid for city pick up was for approximately $13.00 per month per household with the residents buying replacement garbage cans if needed.

One year later this same company got the public housing contract for $8.75 per household per month and furnished each residence with a $60.00 garbage can.

There is also the issue of missing or misuse of the garbage trucks under this lease arrangement.

Ms. Ali states the Mayor worked for Scribner Place even though he faced opposition from the city council. She forgets to mention the $80,000 plus fee that Mayor Garner's hand picked city attorney made on the deal. As well as pledging the property tax of all homeowners for the
next 17 years. If Scribner Place fails everyones property taxes will rise to pay for it.

Ms. Ali states the people of New Albany should re-elect this honest hometown gentleman who is improving the city. I, on the other hand look at the facts and published news reports.

Mayor Garner was sued for back rent on his cleaning business for approximately $20,000. Mayor Garner misappropriated $13,000 from social security taxes paid by his employees and not forwarded to the IRS. Mayor Garner lost a $125,000 for illegally discharging Mr. Steve Brodus from a position he held on the building commission for 18 years as an inspector. The firing was done because Mr. Brodus went public with safety issues that were not being enforced.

Another suit for $200,000 is being threatened by Mr. Proctor of the fire department who was put on probation for 1 year for calling the Mayor a maverick.

These suits cost the city money and time that should be better used.

Inconclusion, the vast majority of the city council, eight of which belong to the Mayor's party are openly supporting his opponents. This truly shows that those who should work closely with the Mayor to make the laws and budgets want someone else as their next mayor.

I maintain that Ms. Ali is letting her friendship get in the way of the facts. The only way New Albany can change its current downhill slide is to vote on May 8th for a change.

Dick Stewert
New Albany

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
~Abraham Lincoln

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Dan Coffey
1st District

Dan's On the Job:

After hearing complaints by residents of unsightly trash accumulating in the area, Dan worked with the city sanitation department and private contractors to provide trash removal during clean-up events he organized in the 1st District.

Several tons of trash, garbage and debris were hauled away at no cost to residents.

Residents living around Scribner Middle School and along W 7th Street have long had problems with flooding during heavy rains. Dan has spent many wet nights and days clearing debris from drainage ditches, culverts and storm drains.

He has repeatedly asked the city for funding to repair damaged sewage and storm water lines. Dan has meet with engineers, planners and contractors in an effort to address the problem. Dan has voiced opposition to developments in flood plain areas.

He will continue to work hard for the people in those areas hard hit by flooding until we have solved their problems.

Dan Works For You!

In the Community:

Dan is an active member of the community. He loves involving children in activities. Believing strongly that good adult role models are vital.

Dan also organized a charity softball game with the New Albany Police Department to raise money for the summer feeding program.

Dan also raises funds and puts on an annual Christmas party for children and adults. Everyone recieves a meal and gifts on Christmas day.

Freedom of Speech agrees with Councilman Coffey, "No one should ever have to spend Christmas alone or hungry."

Dan Works For You!

Did you know?

The sewer board asked the city council to raise the sewer rates by 26%. Some members agreed to do this.

Dan, Bill Schmidt, and Steve Price challenged their figures. They were able to bring the rate increase down to 8.5%.

Dan has never voted against any bill that would help solve our drainage and flooding problems. He voted against the new drainage fee, (TAX) that is being used for studies and the hiring of more outside firms.

Dan wants to expand our drainage department. As of now, we only have 2 workers to care for the whole city. But we have 3 firms and 1 boss to oversee those 2 workers.

"This is a waste of taxpayers money."

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

We've had enough studies. What we need is to start doing the work.

It's important that the voters in the 1st District know Councilman Coffey's voting record and his accomplishments.

And it's also important that the voters have all the facts.

For Roger Baylor and District 1 candidate Theresa Timberlake to state otherwise is a complete distortion of the facts and the truth!

The "voters should demand a clean and honest campaign."

But then again, we all know how 'Baylor" and "Timberlake" is as notorious for distorting the truth and avoiding reality, let alone all the real facts!

Cup of Kool-Aid...Sweetie!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Steve Price
3rd District
City Council

Standing Up For You!

Committed To...

Common sense...fiscally conservative

Proactive approach to tomorows concerns today

No more band-aide fixes...lets work on solutions

working with you to get problems solved & voices heard


watching our nickels and dimes & how money is managed

Fairness for all
equality no more selective enforcement

Taxpayer friendly
working to keep taxes & rates low

Taxpayer watchdog!


Fought against sewer rate increase-
(8% increase vs. proposed 26%)

Insist options be explored

Fought against sanitation privatization

Awareness of lack of fiscal accountability

Police Officers contribute gas money

Code Enforcement Officer at no extra cost to the taxpayers

Lobby for route system in Street Department

Spearhead cleanliness ordinance

Taxpayer watchdog!

Asking the tough questions

Bridging the gap between city government & citizens

Fighting for the working family, not special interest

Standing Up For YOU!


A native New Albanian and lifelong resident of 3rd District

Elected in 2003 to represent the district called home...

Paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Steve Price, Nikki Price, Treasurer IC (3-9-2-10.3-5-3-2)

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

This May 8th primary, will come down to a question of the old vs the new, the reckless vs the responsible.

The only real choice of the 3rd District race is Re-Electing Steve Price.

He is a man with family values!

Councilman Steve Price grew up believing that hard work, integrity, and accountability is the real cornerstones of this once great city.

He still believes that, the idea that an individual can make something of himself through his own efforts and go on to make this city a better place called home!

Even now, when New Albany seems to have hit its lowest point, Councilman Price continues to fight for us, the little people of New Albany!

Standing Up For You!

Re-Elect Steve Price

"It's what you do and not what you say, if you're not part of the future then get out of the way"~John Mellencamp