Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Employee Payroll Records - Service and Time Records

State Board Of Accounts
2006 - Annual Financial Report
City of New Albany

During the review of payroll records we noted that bi-weekly payments were made to a part-time employee without TIME and ATTENDANCE RECORDS being presented prior to payment.

Time and attendance records for the PAYROLL periods covering May 22, 2006 through December 29, 2006, were not submitted to officials for their review UNTIL December 28, 2006.

Additionally, we noted that the corresponding payroll claims were certified by the responsible official attesting that they had examined the time records for this employee prior to payments being made when in fact they "HAD NOT BEEN" presented for their review.

Officials and employees are required to use State Board of Accounts prescribed or approved forms in the manner prescribed.

Source: Annual Financial Report 2006-State Board Of Accounts- (Page 43)

Freedom of Speech would like to ask:

Who hired this part-time employee?

What Department?

Who was the official who said that he had reviewed the time records?

Is this responsible official still approving payroll records?

It is my belief, that when the citizens become more involved in their local government, government becomes more accountable to the people!

Valla Ann Bolovschak
~Citizens' Advocate~