Thursday, May 03, 2007


Dan Coffey
1st District

Dan's On the Job:

After hearing complaints by residents of unsightly trash accumulating in the area, Dan worked with the city sanitation department and private contractors to provide trash removal during clean-up events he organized in the 1st District.

Several tons of trash, garbage and debris were hauled away at no cost to residents.

Residents living around Scribner Middle School and along W 7th Street have long had problems with flooding during heavy rains. Dan has spent many wet nights and days clearing debris from drainage ditches, culverts and storm drains.

He has repeatedly asked the city for funding to repair damaged sewage and storm water lines. Dan has meet with engineers, planners and contractors in an effort to address the problem. Dan has voiced opposition to developments in flood plain areas.

He will continue to work hard for the people in those areas hard hit by flooding until we have solved their problems.

Dan Works For You!

In the Community:

Dan is an active member of the community. He loves involving children in activities. Believing strongly that good adult role models are vital.

Dan also organized a charity softball game with the New Albany Police Department to raise money for the summer feeding program.

Dan also raises funds and puts on an annual Christmas party for children and adults. Everyone recieves a meal and gifts on Christmas day.

Freedom of Speech agrees with Councilman Coffey, "No one should ever have to spend Christmas alone or hungry."

Dan Works For You!

Did you know?

The sewer board asked the city council to raise the sewer rates by 26%. Some members agreed to do this.

Dan, Bill Schmidt, and Steve Price challenged their figures. They were able to bring the rate increase down to 8.5%.

Dan has never voted against any bill that would help solve our drainage and flooding problems. He voted against the new drainage fee, (TAX) that is being used for studies and the hiring of more outside firms.

Dan wants to expand our drainage department. As of now, we only have 2 workers to care for the whole city. But we have 3 firms and 1 boss to oversee those 2 workers.

"This is a waste of taxpayers money."

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

We've had enough studies. What we need is to start doing the work.

It's important that the voters in the 1st District know Councilman Coffey's voting record and his accomplishments.

And it's also important that the voters have all the facts.

For Roger Baylor and District 1 candidate Theresa Timberlake to state otherwise is a complete distortion of the facts and the truth!

The "voters should demand a clean and honest campaign."

But then again, we all know how 'Baylor" and "Timberlake" is as notorious for distorting the truth and avoiding reality, let alone all the real facts!

Cup of Kool-Aid...Sweetie!