Saturday, December 01, 2007



Whereas: There are concerns regarding the status of the current make up of the sewer board.
Whereas: The current sewer board is considered a "hybrid".
Whereas: The Council now desires to revise the make up of the Sewer Board.

NOW THEREFORE; Be it resolved:

1. Pursuant to IC 36-9-25-3, The City Council now establishes a Sanitation Department. A department of sanitation is established as an executive department of the municipality.

2. The department is under control of a board of sanitation commissioners, which is composed as follows:

a. All commissioners shall be appointed by the municipal executive.

b. Not more than (5) and not less than (3) commissioners are to be appointed.

c. Not more than three (3) commissioners may be of the same political party for a five (5) member board or two (2) for a three (3) member board.

d. Commissioners terms are as follows; One (1) at one (1) year. Two (2) at three ( 3) years, and two (2) at four years.

e. One (1) of the commissioners must be a licensed engineer appointed by the executive, with at least five (5) years experience in civil or sanitary engineering.

f. No commissioner may hold another public office.

3. Sanitation Board commissioners shall be subject to all other provisions of IC 36-9-25-5.

4. Within six (6) months after adoption of this ordinance, the board shall hold a meeting for the purpose of organization. The board shall choose one (1) member to be president and another to be vice president, who shall perform the usual duties of an office. The municipal officer shall perform the same duties with the funds and accounts of the board as with the funds and accounts of other executive departments of the municipality.

5. A majority of members of the board constitutes a quorum, and the concurrence of a majority is necessary for any action of the board. The board shall hold hearings at the time it fixes, and may call special meetings at the times and upon the notice that it fixes by rule or resolution. All meeting must be open to the public. The board may adopt the rules that it considers necessary to conduct its meetings and business to control and manage the property under its jurisdiction.

6. Board commissioners terms are to be appointed on the first of January following adoption of ordinance. Current Sewer Board members terms will expire December 31, 2007.

7. The Sanitation Board shall the full jurisdiction as provided in IC 36-9-25-5

8. Including the management and control of all sewage works. Shall collect and remove garbage, ashes, and other waste materials to prevent the pollution of watercourses within the district and to protect the public health. The Board may purchase, acquire, construct, reconstruct, operate, repair, and maintain all sewage works.

9. Bonds of the department may not be sold without prior approval of the legislative body. In addition, the legislative body must approve all budgets and tax levies of the department.




Source: G-07-17

Freedom of Speech believes just changing the board's structure will not solve our problems.

Why is Councilman Coffey pushing to change the Sewer Board all of a sudden? Why now? Why not 3 years ago?

Is Councilman Coffey pushing this Sewer Board change to give Mayor Elect England control over the sewer board?

Will the control over the sewer board help Mayor Elect England have the chance to repay his campaign donors?

In a previous Freedom of Speech article, it was verified that 64% of the England Election Campaign donations came from outside the City of New Albany!

Source: 2007 England Campaign Financial Report

Has anyone seen Councilman Coffey at the "England Election Headquarters lately?"

Attention Taxpayers...

Freedom of Speech would like to say these sewer board questions are the reason that property taxpayers should be AWARE of how their city government is being run and how our money is being spent.

It's going to be a long 4 years...