Saturday, December 29, 2007


New Albany Firefighters Speak out...

Dear Freedom of Speech,

Please consider for posting and keep up the great work!
~A public servant.

To the citizens of New Albany,

This truly is a sad day for you and for this once great fire department on which I currently serve. I want everyone to understand that the views expressed by the fire chief and our city leadership are not the views of a majority of the firefighters. We are outraged!

Over the past several month's, city officials (i.e. the "Commander") and our union leadership were working together to try to improve and strengthen requirements to be hired onto the fire department, not to cast them out the window.

This recent move is a slap in the face to the fire fighters and to you as citizens and taxpayers.

We used to have a process in place that included agility and aptitude testing, an interview, and once established on an eligibility list, the city leadership and fire officials would choose new hires from the top 25 of that list, all in accordance with city ordinances. These procedures are not unlike ones currently being used all across this country.

I guess New Albany is on the cutting edge!!

The problem with the current system is that it does not CATER to specific needs of the SPECIFIC VOTERS that the MAYOR wants to have.

It lessens the quality of new hires and puts not only citizen's lives in danger, but fire fighters as well.

I want all of you to rest assured that be it a fire, medical emergency, or any other problem that you may encounter, we are still going to respond and take care of the problem to the best of our abilities.

Please keep this once great city, and fire department, in your prayers and in your minds come May 8th.

Let's all send a message to Mayor Garner and ALL politicians on all levels in our city that New Albany deserves much better.

God bless this country and God bless
Freedom of Speech Blog for defending
the New Albany Fire Department Employees.
~A concerned public servent

Freedom of Speech would like to "thank you" for having the courage to come forward.

Keep all those NAFD emails coming!

God bless the men and women of the New Albany Fire Department!