Sunday, December 30, 2007


The king of incompetence - flushes taxpayers down the commode!

The taxpayers of the City of New Albany believe fiscal discipline is the key to responsible local government. Our Sewer Board members should use sound fiscal management practices and assuring accountability in the use of taxpayers dollars.

Much of this accountability should not come about because of both the existence of incentives and personal agendas, especially party leadership pressures and re-election concerns.

Sewer Board passes EMC deal

"We know EMC understands the complexity of our system. By moving somewhere else, your taking a risk," stated Councilman Kevin Zurschmiede at the July 2nd Council Meeting.

Councilman Price questioned sewer board member Zurschmiede if he had even read the information handed to him about Aqua Utility Services LLC. and Zurschmiede said NO.

Freedom of Speech feels that Councilman Zurschmiede should have not only read the information but he should of done his homework and done some extra research.

Listen to Experience:

April 17, 2007 - Engineer Bob Ledford came before the Sewer Board and stated that he was on the sewer board in 2000 and 2001 and feels that when they were planning the sewer project he made a mistake and he feels that they may be making that same mistake and he would like to give them some advice. He explained how EMC was pushed on the (the sewer board) He recommended that they needed to get proposals from other management companies so that we can really know how much it should really cost to manage the plant. He said that he had felt bad that he voted for EMC in the past, not because of the company itself but he would feel that way about any company in the same situation and he thinks it is time to get proposals for this job.

Source: Sewer Board minutes April 17, 2007

Councilman Zurschmiede why didn't you listen to what Engineer Ledford had to say? Could it had been the fact Bob had more knowledge & experience than you and was trying to tell you something?

EMC History:

March 30, 2001 when Mayor Overton signed the consent decree. She obtained the services of EMC. Clark-Dietz & EMC were supposed to have fixed our sewers. But...they weren't fixed. Even after borrowing $45 million dollars to finally resolve our sewer problems.

Now we have a 2nd amended consent decree that the City will have to follow once it is signed by the mayor.

So Councilman Zurschmiede if EMC & Clark- Dietz did not fix the sewers after the city borrowing $45 million under Mayor Overton. Why renew the contract this time?

How many renewed or amended contracts has the City of New Albany had with EMC?

Freedom of Speech would like to know the real reason our sewer board did not accept or review any other bids?

Councilman Zurschmiede have you even read the new second amended consent decree yet?

If the sewer board took in hand the offer from Aqua Utility Service LLC. shouldn't they have offered to look at other proposals and accept bids from other companies besides EMC?

Wasn't Councilman Steve Price correct when he told our sewer board members : "If you bid it out, you'll get a better deal!"

Freedom of Speech would also like to ask Councilman Zurschmiede if you did not read this proposal how do you know what IS BEST for the taxpayers of New Albany?

Councilman Zurschmiede are you aware of what us taxpayers call the "New Albany shell game" now what this is Kevin - it's moving money and borrowing monies from one city fund to another.

And not paying it all back...

Example: Borrowing $5 million dollars from sewer fund for sanitation fund and not paying it all back!

Sewer Board Members should the citizens in the city pay for expansion of sewer lines to go to the county?

Example: Lafollette Wastewater Lift Station

Even democratic candidate Doug England stated: "If I had my druthers I'd say, "Well why don't you get some other quotes?"

Source: New Albany Tribune July 4, 2007

But the sad fact taxpayers, Mayoral Candidate England forgot to tell the Sewer Board and The Tribune Newspaper that his current employer "The Hughes Group" is the owners of "Aqua Utility Services, LLC."

Was candidate England at the sewer board meeting to pressure the sewer board to accept the bid from Aqua Utilities Services, LLC?

Is it true that someone would have $90,000 in their pocket if the sewer board accepted the bid from Aqua Utility Services, LLC?

If the EMC Contract did not have to be renewed until Dec. 2007, why was it so urgent for Mayor Garner to get it signed in July 2007?

So who made the $$$ on the EMC Contract?

Freedom of Speech feels the taxpayers deserve some honest answers about the EMC Contract. Our sources tell us that Aqua Utility Services LLC. bid was over $ 600,000.00 less than EMC Bid.

So Kevin based on our real information did you really get a good contract for us taxpayers?

Welcome the good ole boys club!

Is it true King Jimmy that you awarded a no-bid contract because of Doug England's connection to The Hughes Group?

Freedom of Speech suggest you research the above information:

Sewer Board minutes March, 2001

Sewer Board minutes April 17, 2007

Sewer Board minutes: May 1, 2007