Sunday, July 08, 2007


What has happened to New Albany's Police Motto:

"To Serve and Protect?

Is the New Albany Police Chief using a recent tragedy to get what he wants?

A sad day in New Albany!

How could the New Albany Police Chief use a recent killing of a Floyd County Deputy Sheriff as an excuse to get more perks for his Police Department?

Our hearts and sympathy go out to the families of the Floyd County Sheriff's Department. We are sad that our New Albany Police Department is using that tragedy to get what they want.

In a recent TV news statement, the New Albany Police Chief Harl said: he was now allowing his police staff to use city-owned cars to go anywhere. He felt this improved safety in New Albany.

Source: Fox News

It could improve safety IF the police cars were in New Albany.

Question: How can a New Albany police officer protect New Albany citizens if he is in Salem, Indiana, or-miles out of town in other counties?

Ask yourself this question : How much faster could have the NAPD had been able to reach Officer White and Officer Denzinger if our officers would have been patrolling our City of New Albany instead of being scattered through out the various counties?

We are paying for there salaries and there vehicles. Again it is documented that a big percentage of the city budget goes to the New Albany Police Department.

Should taxpayers not get the service that we pay for...Chief Harl?

What will citizens do if we have a train derailment on 15th street and our city is blocked from both directions?

Freedom of Speech feels the time is right for a thorough and comprehensive review of the take home car policy. It's time to take another look into how the police department polices itself."

It seems to us that if a department does not like our council's laws, they decide to say the hell with it. what they want.

Are we wrong Chief Harl?

So--It is time to bring the New Albany police and their cars back home to New Albany. We could be much safer if the New Albany police cars were in New Albany... Do you agree taxpayers?

We also heard Chief Harl discuss policy on take-home cars.

Source: Fox News

After weeks of trying to obtain this so called policy. We would like to show you the taxpayers what Chief Harl does not want you to see or read.

And you taxpayers will be as outraged as we are.

New Albany Police Department
24-HR Patrol Program
Adopted Procedure


F. Violation of Departmental Rules & Regulations

1. If an Officer is suspended for violation of any departmental rule or regulation it will be grounds for revocation of the vehicle at the discretion of the Chief of Police

Colonel Charles L. Miller
Chief of Police

New Albany Police Department
24 Hour Patrol Program
Adopted Procedure


A. Department Vehicle Operation

11. No officer issued a 24-hour vehicle will drive his vehicle on days he has been suspended or is off due to sickness.

a. A day in regards to suspension is considered from 12 midnight to 12 midnight the date of suspension.

b. A day in regards to sickness is considered from 12 midnight to 12 midnight on dates of sickness when the Officers is scheduled off.

c. A day in regards to sickness is considered the 16 hours following the last scheduled tour of duty during the date an Officer has taken off sick.

Note: If you're to sick to work, you're to sick to drive a 24-hour vehicle the same day!

Colonel Charles L. Miller
Chief of Police


The purpose of the 24 Hr Patrol Program is to convey a sense of Police presence in our community. The best deterrent for the prevention of crime is a highly visible & mobilized force.


The Officers using this program will present a professional appearance and attitude while both on & off duty.

Officers shall not use the vehicles in any manner to cause embarrassment or discredit to the Police Department.

To insure this the following rules & procedures must be followed.

The use of a 24-Hr vehicle is to be considered a privilege, not an employee benefit, and shall be subject to revocation at the discretion of the Chief of Police.


A. Department vehicle Operation

1. Vehicles will only be driven by the officer assigned. Any other temporary operator must have authority from the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, or Major.

2. When driving the vehicle off-duty the police radio will be turned on, carry a firearm (authorized & qualified), and carry Police ID at all times.

3. No one shall operate an assigned Police vehicle outside the confinement of city limits of New Albany, EXCEPT:

a. If the Officer lives in Floyd County they may drive their assigned unit to and from work.

b. If the Officer lives in Floyd County they may drive to and from home when coming to the city on personal business.

c. In the performance of their duty or when authorized by the Commanding Officer.

4. Police vehicles may be used for private off-duty use following the guidelines below.

. No passengers be transported other than a parent, spouse child, or step-child, brother and sister, or a person being transported by reason of the officer acting in the line of duty and in the scope of his employment (for example, transporting an arrested person).

b. Officers are responsible for the conduct of any passengers

c. Officers are prohibited from making Emergency (Code 3) while the vehicle is occupied by passengers, except in the interest of protecting life such as taking an injured person to the hospital.

5. Officers operating a Police vehicle will obey all traffic laws and take extra care not to draw attention or discredit the department.

6. No officer while on-duty shall have anyone ride without expressed permission from the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, Major, or Commanding Officer and a WAIVER SIGNED.

7. Whenever an Officer is involved in an accident off-duty he will immediately inform the radio dispatcher of the situation and have an accident report made. The report will be made by the Commanding Officer on duty at the time.

8. Police vehicles will not be used in any other type of EMPLOYMENT or DRIVEN TO & FROM SUCH EMPLOYMENT without the consent of the Chief of Police.

* So Chief Harl you are telling us taxpayers we have to pay the gas, insurance, tires and maintenance so our Police Officers can work a second job?

9. Except in the performance of duty, the vehicle will not be parked or left unattended on any parking lot in front of or NEAR TAVERNS or LIQUOR STORES or any other place which may cause discredit to the department.

10. No alcoholic beverages will be transported in the vehicle except in the performance of duty. Officers will not drive a vehicle when they have been drinking alcoholic beverages or they expect to do so.

B. Maintenance and care of Department Vehicles:

1. The officer assigned a vehicle will be responsible to see that the proper maintenance is maintained.

2. Schedule any work to be done with the city garage. No one without authority of the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, or Major Will be allowed to work on police vehicles.

3. Officers will keep maintenance records and turn in a monthly report to the Major.

4. No equipment will be installed or carried in the vehicle without authority of the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, or Major.

5. No animals will be transported in the vehicle unless the unit is designated as an official K-9 unit.

6. The officer assigned the vehicle will be responsible to keep it clean inside & out as often as possible.

C. Personal Appearance

1. Full Uniform

a. At no time will only part of the uniform be worn. When an officer operates his vehicle off-duty in uniform, he/she shall be in full uniform, of the season, the same as if he was on-duty.

2. Civilian Dress

a. When operating a police vehicle off-duty officers civilian dress will be neat & clean. Sport clothes will be allowed, but the main trunk of the body shall be clothed.

D. Police Activities

1. When an occasion arises that an officer must become involved in a police activity off-duty, he shall notify the radio dispatcher immediately, giving his unit number, location, and all pertinent information, and take whatever action necessary to resolve the situation.

2. When an occasion arises that an Officer must become involved in a police activity off-duty and has his family or other passengers in the vehicle he will take whatever steps necessary to insure their full and complete safety.

3. The officers involved in this program will make necessary reports of incidents that he handles off-duty. In cases of a serious nature standby until the on-duty officer arrives and he will be responsible to make the reports.

4. A LOG BOOK will be keep in each unit and a monthly activity report turned into the Major.

5. The above activities off-duty are required as a condition for having the use of a 24-HR Patrol Vehicle. It is not to be considered extra duty or call in duty, therefore it is not eligible for call in pay.

E. Violation of Procedures

1. Any violation of these procedures set forth in these rules and regulations shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or revocation of the vehicle.

Dated_____day of________,19______
Signature & Rank
Commission Number

Chief of Police

Source: Karen Davis
Public Access Counselor

Freedom of Speech would like to say: we don't think the "City" is taking into account the wear and tear,mileage on the vehicle, tires, oil changes and the liability issue. Do family members have to sign a waiver as well?

Capt. Bailey would you email Freedom of Speech a copy of this so called 20 year rule to back up your so called "claim" in regards to the amount of gas officers are required to purchase.

Based on our research and information obtained the only ordinances on the books are: 32.15 and 32.40 Residency Requirements dated 1/4/82 & an Adopted Procedure of 12/18/84.

Source: City Ordinances

Well first of all, 20 years ago the price of gas was $0.95- $0.97 per gallon and today the average price of gas is about $2.84 per gallon. The use of a 24 Hr vehicle should be a privilege, not an employee benefit.

How can Chief Harl truly justify tax dollars being used to pay for a Police Officers 2nd job?

Also Capt. Bailey is it not a fact you yourself will be moving from your home in Greenville to Clark County?

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot Officer Wells!

After reading the article Coffey, council are out of line about take home cars by Timothy Wells NAPD Patrolman. You completely made TAXPAYERS CASE even stronger with your own statement:

"I used to live in New Albany, but the current cost of property taxes in Floyd County are unbelievable.

Source: Tribune letter: 7-6-07

So what your saying Officer Wells is: You want to receive the many benfits of Floyd County property tax DOLLARS...but you do not want to pay them?

Is it true Patrolmam Wells that you have been charge with DWI since being a New Albany Police Officer?

Our final thought on this Issue:

And you Sir, Chief Harl have mislead the media and citizens of New Albany. You have taken it upon yourself to use the death of our personal friend Officer Denzinger to try to benefit your department by playing on the emotions of us citizens of New Albany.

Freedom of Speech feels we no longer have confidence in your ability to lead our Police Department. We ask that you "resign" as our Police Chief...

The City of New Albany Police Department should be required to have impeccable honesty and integrity. As a practical matter, ethical conduct cannot be assured by written policies, codes or oaths. It must be an integral part of the organization, a deeply ingrained tradition that assures citizens that questionable practices do not exist.

But they do exist...

No one should ever be above the law~not even in New Albany!

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
~Aldous Huxley