Thursday, July 19, 2007


We are encouraged by Governor Daniel's calling last week for the Creation of the Commission on Local Government Reform to explore and analyze ways in which local government can operate more efficiently and effectively. We also applaud the Governor's order for reassessment in Marion County and are very much supportive of his willingness to examine ordering reassessments in counties across the state as warranted.

Will New Albany be next?

We urge our Governor to call for a special session of the Indiana General Assembly to provide immediate property tax relief for all Hoosiers who are suffering with massive tax bills statewide. In addition, we recommend the Commission look for long-term solutions to Indiana's complex property tax system.

You hit the nail right on the head Mitch...and we quote: "Daniels correctly identifies the root cause of the rising property tax burden: "local spending."

Source: Indianapolis Star

Freedom of Speech would like to say if you think your property assessment were high wait until you get your 2006 property tax bill!

Shelia Pullen, a township assessor in Kokomo, said residential taxpayers in her area were "being penalized with higher tax rates because of the (tax abatement) credits that businesses receive and the properties that are exempt from taxation."

Source: Courier-Journal

Will all of New Albany tax abatement's come back to haunt us?

Bravo to all our Council members who voted to not use our Rainy Day Fund. Let's have some courage and make those cuts.

Freedom of Speech also believes our Council members should review the proposed budgets and have the courage to make the cuts. If the council does not make the cuts, then, we taxpayers will have to foot the bill.

If our tax bills go as high as Marion County, are we also going to have to hold a protest march at the City-County Building?

Indianapolis protesters are calling their march the "Indiana Tea Party".

The taxpayers deserve accountability
~Byron Dorgan