Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Aiming to connect the Indiana riverfronts of Jeffersonville, Clarksville and New Albany along a continuous recreational trail system, the Ohio River Greenway will span nearly seven miles. The many benefits of this trail combine public use for pedestrians, bicycle enthusiasts and outdoor recreation users along the banks of the Ohio River.

"We have made exciting progress since last September, and nearly $5 million in construction is now underway in New Albany and Jeffersonville," Valla Ann Bolovschak, who is Governor Mitch Daniels' appointee to the Ohio River Greenway Commission. Valla Ann states that this initiative by Governor Daniels will begin to unite our state's disconnected routes and put every Hoosier within 15 minutes of a trail."

This week Congressman Baron Hill toured the Greenway project with Valla Ann and other commission members. Baron stated that this is such a vitally important project for this region,"

Congressman Hill states "He is committed to obtaining the $2,100,000 in federal funding which was requested earlier this year."

The Greenway's eastern most beginning is in the City of Jeffersonville next to Jeffboat. Valla Ann says although Jeffersonville's riverfront is the most developed of the three communities that make up the Greenway, the addition of improved access will allow pedestrians and bicyclists recreational opportunities that do not exist now.

"The Greenway plan features a multi use path close to the river, and at some points, at the river's edge."

This will allow for public access and provide renovated dock space.

Valla Ann also says the existing Terraced Lawn at the foot of Spring Street will be improved with a pathway and additional lighting. The path will be connected to a landing at the base of the Big Four Bridge and will provide direct access to Louisville.

Bolovschak says, the New Albany section of the Greenway Corridor will begin at the City's eastern edge at Silver Creek and the Kentuckian River Trail-the K and I Bridge and Big Four Bridge loop-ends in New Albany and will allow pedestrians and cyclists access to the Louisville River walk.

Freedom of Speech would like to thank Valla Ann Bolovschak for her recent update and progress report on the Ohio River Greenway project. The citizens of New Albany appreciate all the hard work, long hours and dedication Valla Ann has put into making this project move forward.

Our thanks also goes out to Congressman Baron Hill for his strong support of our Greenway project.