Thursday, June 28, 2007


Freedom of Speech would like to congratulate Fire Chief Ron Toran on his upcoming retirement in July 2007.

Who will be our next City Fire Chief? Dick Duggins?

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

That our mayor prior to the may election was all for the NAFD's new contract including a raise, fixing the ambulance problems, and fixing many of the other contractual issues that raised concerns.


After Jimmy was beat he would no longer sign off on anything, as a result of his animosity towards our firefighters. This administration is now going to have to waste valuable city tax dollars, as well as union money in order to go to arbitration to get the situation resolved.

So much for bargaining in good faith Jimmy!

Freedom of Speech would like to also say:

It is time the citizens of New Albany realize the real problems with our Firefighters & EMT's have been brought on by the Garner Administration, the personal vendetta by Board of Works President~Tony Toran and the harassment and personal agenda by Fire Chief Toran.

Hang in there New Albany Firefighters & EMT's...better days are ahead!